Union minister V Muraleedharan slams Kerala model for Covid-19

Union minister V Muraleedharan slams Kerala model for Covid-19


As Kerala records more than half of the new Covid-19 cases in the country, Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, V Muraleedharan has slammed the state government for failing to curb the rise in cases.

In an interview with the media, Muraleedharan said, “The number of cases (in Kerala) has increased to such an extent that now it is more than half of the total tally of the country. The govt didn’t follow scientific principles in the mgmt of COVID. It’s a global pandemic, WHO & ICMR have issued guidelines.”

Commenting on the failed ‘Kerala model’, Muraleedharan added, “But the Kerala govt has taken the stand that they follow their own principles & their own formula. Now it has come to light that their formula has failed. Govt should follow the scientific principles & formula. Kerala Govt has been using this pandemic for political gains.”

The Minister also took strong objection to the relaxation given by the Kerala govt for the celebration of Bakri Eid and called it ‘unscientific’. 

“The relaxation that was given on Eid was completely unscientific, it was completely against principles. Now the relaxation that has been given is not on the basis of cases increasing or decreasing, it’s on political & vote bank considerations,” he added. It is notable that even the Supreme Court had refused to intervene on the state govt’s order allowing the relaxations.

Muraleedharan also spoke about the sporadic imposition of lockdown leading to a mass gathering. “Lockdown is not on basis of any scientific basis. Every Saturday-Sunday is a lockdown. As a result, people rush to markets on Fridays & it causes a spike. Govt should follow scientific principles, observe guidelines of ICMR & also not use COVID for political gains,” he concluded. 

Centre sends a team to handle Kerala crisis

With the infection in Kerala spiralling out of hand, the Centre will soon be sending a team to the state to take a stock of the situation. Union Health Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya took to Twitter to inform, “Central Government is sending 6 member team to Kerala headed by NCDC Director. As large number of COVID cases are still being reported in Kerala, the team will aid state’s ongoing efforts in #COVID19 management.”

As per reports, the team will review the situation and aid the civil administration in managing the infection surge.

Kerala recorded 22,056 new Covid-19 cases and 131 fatalities on Wednesday, a few days after the Kerala government had announced relaxations for the celebrations of Bakri Eid. With over 43,000 new Covid-19 cases recorded in the country on Wednesday, Kerala accounts for nearly 50 per cent of fresh cases. 


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