Promo Leads Introduces Digital Marketing Packages for Platform Users

Promo Leads Introduces Digital Marketing Packages for Platform Users


TALLINN, Estonia, July 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In light of growing demand for digital marketing opportunities worldwide, reputable affiliate marketing platform Promo Leads has announced it is introducing special customer-oriented packages. These packages, according to the company, are tailored for freelancers looking for lead generation opportunities for the long term, and are supposed to suit different budgets and marketing strategies.

“While our competitors are just starting to grasp the recent digital revolution,” explained Promo Leads’ spokesperson Samuel Adams, “we are staying one step ahead, as always. Some viewed digital marketing and lead generation as a trend during times of health-related restrictions. We knew even back in 2020 that this is more than just a phase, and as a practice, it is here to stay. That’s why we’re offering these packages – to provide some sort of security to the thousands around the world using our platform for freelance work.”

The future of lead generation

As governments around the world gradually lift restrictions and lockdowns, and as economies start planning their return to routine, it is evident that many aspects of life, which have been shifted to the online sphere, are there to stay. In that sense, digital marketing is probably going to remain a dominant part of companies’ and brands’ strategies for the long term. For that reason, Promo Leads is building a bridge between those looking for online marketing services and those willing to provide it.

“It took us months of hard work, and the efforts of our best minds, to design this platform and make it suitable for a wide global crowd,” added Adams, “and by the high level of satisfaction we are witnessing, I can definitely say we did something right. These new packages are also a result of careful planning and research, and I’m sure they will be to our users’ benefit, regardless of what they plan to achieve.”

About Promo Leads

Founded by a select group of digital marketing experts from different sectors, Promo Leads has set out to change the way digital marketing is done, for the good of both sides of the process. With its three-step platform, anyone can create, publish and monitor advertising content for various industries. All Promo Leads customers receive full support via the platform, as well as through multiple communication channels such as telephone and direct messaging.


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