Why e-commerce remains a top priority for Fasthosts

Why e-commerce remains a top priority for Fasthosts


Fasthosts products focus on simplicity and price transparency. Unlike many competitors who charge hidden costs, what you see is what you pay for.

All of our data centers are also based in the United Kingdom and operate exclusively on Green Energy. Within the center, we ensure the appropriate level of redundancy and reliability so that customers can scale as needed. We are currently building another new UK-based data center to further support these efforts.

Do you tend to witness in the web hosting and website builder sector?

With the big shift to online in recent years, there have been many trends in the areas of web hosting and website builders.

The focus on ease of use is an example – this sector is no longer just for experienced professionals. Increasingly, no-code or low-code software is allowing non-technical people to get involved in the creation and maintenance of simple sites. Green practices are also becoming more and more important.

Environmental protection is at the forefront of all aspects of society, and there is no difference in our field. Energy-efficient software and the use of green energy in data centers are two good examples of how the sector is heading towards a greener future.


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