July 2021 – The Generous Wife

July 2021 – The Generous Wife


It’s been a warm one in Washington this month with many days of 100°+ F. Thankfully, we have air conditioning and our garden goes into shade in late afternoon so I can pull a few weeds each day.

Lori in the garden

On to my personal goals …

I actually made it to June 3rd in my devotional this month. 🙂 God and I have been spending time talking through the application of what I read and really working it into my day. I’ve been spending time considering personal idols and moving them over to give God first place in my life. Proverbs continues to be a delight!

My friends and I are working hard to meet each week. It is so lovely to talk about all the good God is doing in our lives and share our struggles. We’re spending more time in prayer for each other too and we’ve started calling each other “His beloved kitties” (boy, is there a story behind that one, I’ll have to write a post about it).

I didn’t finish any books this month, but I did start a couple. I’ll share as I finish them up.

  • focus – intimacy with my husband

God just seems to be digging deeper and deeper into my attitudes as I continue to pray for my sweetie each day (funny how that works). I handed off a copy of The Path of Intimacy (by Scott Means) to a friend and we’re discussing that each week. It’s another way of focusing on all of the areas of intimacy in marriage.

  • watch the grandkids
  • family night
  • coffee with friends
  • send a card each month

I swear my grandkids are eating rocks (they are just getting bigger and heavier every day). They’re growing up and we’re approaching birthdays soon. I’m loving grandkid-night even though it wears us out (you try keeping up with two high-energy kidlets!). Family nights are fun with good food and Splendor tournaments.

COVID swept through our church and a couple of circles of friends, so we haven’t been out much (and thankfully folks are recovering and we have not caught it). No cards, but a bit of doodling (see below).

  • Study nutrition and add more veggies to my diet.
  • Continue with intermittent fasting (stick with the 6-8 hour eating window).
  • Exercise three days a week (including Kegels).
  • Rest one day a week.

I’ve been doing a little study and filling up on snacking peas from the garden. I didn’t do terribly well with the intermittent fasting this month (I need to get back on the wagon) but keeping up with the Kegels.

I’m really enjoying my new Notion bullet journal. I can use a calendar and my habit tracker to remind me to do various kinds of work/exercise. I don’t need the reminder for my day off. 🙂

DIVI turned out to be a more challenging theme than I expected, but I’m wrestling it into submission.

And my office work is going well. I started following a gal who is good at organizing and my email, files, and such are looking nice. (I will share about her another time because her site just went down, thankfully she has good backup files.)

Housework is sketchy because we are a construction zone. I do work to keep the kitchen clean and functional. Everything else is kind of optional.

squash with blossom
  • gardening
  • raising rabbits
  • art
  • raising quail

Lovin’ the garden. It’s that season of bounty where dinner rolls around and you go out and gather salad material or pick a mess of green beans.

The rabbits are all knocked up. I think we have around nine pregnant does – all due in the next week or so. Newton the house bunny (air-conditioning) is the dad because all the outdoor males are temporarily heat-sterile (it’s a bunny thing). Newton is so proud … and tired.

a very tired Newton

A bit of art.

Zentangle art

We will likely build the quail cages later this summer/fall and buy quail in the spring.

We’ve tentatively dubbed 2022 the Year of the Chicken. We need a new chicken house and pen. If the quail work out we will roll them into the works.

  • build onto our house
  • plant more trees
  • build a walipini

The insulation and water pipes are in and the floor is mostly down. I can now walk around on floorboards instead of balancing on floor joists. Walls are next! (The price of lumber is coming down. WooHoo!)

In between heat waves, we planted another willow tree and a deciduous shade tree (of unknown type, what can I say, it was pretty). We are watering an area for the hazelnut trees. The next time we have a break in the weather, they will go into the ground.

The wallipini is a later-in-the-year project.

Well, that’s July. On to August …

We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.

Jenny Uglow

  1. Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you see His handiwork in your life.
  2. The XY Code: Sprinter vs. Marathon Runner Just another way we are a little different.
  3. Dr. Corey Carlisle: Marriage Serves the Community There’s a bigger picture.
  4. The Week in Review: Have you …
           … found little ways to bless your man with touch?
           … followed through on your word?
           … organized your important day-to-day info?
           … set up a prayer list to share with your sweetie?
           … asked God to grow His fruit in your marriage?
           … talked your husband about being prepared for disasters?
           … read a chapter of Proverbs?

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