What would an overhaul look like?


The past several years I opened up enrollment for the Man Of His Word Mastermind groups a couple of times each year, usually in January and August. Well, August is here so it’s time to get set for another launch.

Along with these launches I will send out some posts encouraging husband’s who are looking for ways to be better husbands, and better men.

These posts will attempt to challenge men into being more alive, engaged, and dedicated towards the goals they have in life.

This year I feel completely different about how taking small steps may result in dramatic improvements in all areas of life.

Why do I feel different this year?

The past four months I’ve made a dedicated effort to overhaul the physical aspects of my life. Before, I’ve always been the guy that took relatively good care of himself – worked out most weeks, played pickup basketball several times per week, ate sort of okay, and had a moderately active lifestyle.

This past May I turned 50, and I can can say I’ve never felt better about a new decade than I do now!

Sure, there are still tremendous emotional burdens and stressors happening in my life: aging parents (currently kicking my butt emotionally), extended family members in some tough spots in life and marriage, 2 teenage kids living in my home stretching their boundaries and pushing the limits at times, and a wife who was putting in 80+ hour weeks at the office since tax season dragged on and on and will ramp up again this Fall.

But over the past couple of months I’ve overhauled my diet (hello lean and green meals), drank more water each day than ever in my life, cut out most of the sugars, worked out at least 5 days per week, lost over 38 pounds, and created a new relationship to the things that matter in my life.

How did I do this?

There’s two main catalysts that have helped.

One, is I’m married to a woman that has had the goal of aging well long before me, and I finally got fully on-board with her and have taken the role of leading that charge now.

And two, (the biggest catalyst) I’ve got 2 MoHW Mastermind groups running currently (both of which are still going after their initial round together – and one of these groups have been running continually since August 20, 2017) – So I get to witness men each week who are challenging themselves to take on aspects of their lives better, lead their families and marriages with boldness, chase dreams, speak up about the tough things, and generally kick some serious a#$ in their own lives.

Their courage is infectious and awe-inspiring!

In a nutshell – the changes for me are the result of the power of being in a group!

We are destined to fail when we go at things alone in life.

But YOU don’t have to.

This is where MoHW Mastermind groups come into play.

If you want to ramp up your path this Fall, simply email me ([email protected]) and let me know you’re interested.

Strength and honor,


SPECIAL CALL FOR PASTORS/MINISTERS: My experience in the ministry and working alongside several pastors who’ve joined a Mastermind group over the years has shown me that you need a place you can find true support, encouragement and honesty. A place to let your guard down a little with no judgement or condemnation. If you fit this description, let me know as I’m wanting to open up an additional “pastor’s only” group this round as well.


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