How Shalimar Corp Ltd’s Kunal Seth is ushering in the future of Indian Real Estate | Real Estate News

How Shalimar Corp Ltd’s Kunal Seth is ushering in the future of Indian Real Estate | Real Estate News


In Lucknow’s reputable Vibhuti Khand locale in Gomtinagar, opposite the prestigious Indira Gandhi Pratishthan Complex, stands a mammoth structure that is well-known to Real Estate professionals, Investors & millions of other people all over India. This rather magnificent edifice is the Shalimar Titanium; home to Shalimar Corp Ltd Headquarters, nestled among a myriad of esteemed organizations ranging from TCS to HUL, ITC, L&T, Siemens, Varun Beverages Ltd, NSE, VIVO, Vodafone, all housed rather appropriately within the 11-Storey Block A of the same premises. Deep within this institutional homage to the glorious art of Modern High-Rise Architecture lies a somewhat simple yet elegantly built & decorated cabin. In this cabin, behind a sleek & rich Mahogany table sits a man well-known for his simple elegance, a concise yet welcoming manner and the glint of the future in his eyes.

Meet Mr Kunal Seth – he is likely to greet you with a warm, ingratiating smile and a firm yet unassuming handshake (before the Pandemic, of course). A scion of the eminent Seth family of Lucknow, Mr Seth pursued his early education at the eminent Sherwood College at Dehradun and went on to graduate as a summa-cum-laude Alumnus of the esteemed Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai. At the extremely young age of 26, he had already assumed his position as Director on the Board at Shalimar Corp Ltd, running operations in a patently efficient, technology-driven & no-nonsense manner which has now become his signature – a calling card for the keen observer following his trail across the uncountable milestones the Organization has breached in his tenure.

“The ‘Survival of the fittest’ paradigm is a bit too passé in my opinion. ‘Survival of the Technocrat’ is the new archetype for success. That has been the reality of World affairs since the Dot Com boom. Just ask Bezos or Musk.”, he answers succinctly when asked whether he considers himself to be a Commercial Darwinist. Over a steaming cup of unsweetened plain Green Tea, a choice of beverage rather emblematic of his belief systems and his love of simple efficiency, he recounts his time as a young acolyte at Sherwood College. “Boarding schools are the perfect reality check for any young boy out there. You’re another urchin among thousands. The value you have, you make for yourself. I have never forgotten.” he told us with a shy smile after much coaxing.

The change in demeanour when asked about his vision of Shalimar Corp’s – & India Real Estate Inc’s – future is instantly evident. He leans forward at his desk and explains his grand plans

animatedly. “We have barely begun to scratch the surface of what technology offers for Indian Real Estate. The sheer untapped potential of IT & groundbreaking Software Applications, coupled with leaps in Electronic & Mechanical equipment is astounding. It’s as if a Holographic portal has opened up at a crossroads for Indian Real Estate, with a golden future awaiting us on the other side.”, he reveals excitedly. He adds, “The most brilliant part of it is, it’s not as though we’re trying to reinvent the wheel here. We’re trying to simulate it, experience it at a closer level, experiment with it, and optimize it till we achieve warp speed. Once that happens, all that remains to be done is to materialize it.”

When asked about what exactly he plans to put into operation, he went further. “Virtual Reality technology isn’t a pipe dream anymore. Augmented Reality is already being used extensively in design all over the World, saving costs, improving efficiency & design and most importantly, allowing innovators to go where no one has stepped foot before.” Talking about specifics has allowed him to regain his terseness and precision. One can almost feel the Professional Energy in the air. He goes on further, “We’re working on projects that will allow our potential buyers to experience their future homes in microscopic detail. Without ever leaving their couch. Such is a tremendous power that drives me to give my 100% every single day. It’s almost a dream come true for Real Estate Developers like myself and my incredible team. Cutting down logistics, travel inhibitions, and potential for dissatisfaction by a margin this big? Sign me up!”

This is but one of the numerous exciting technical leaps on the cards for Shalimar Corp Limited with Mr Kunal Seth Co-Piloting the Ship with Directors Mr Khalid Masood, Mrs Leena Seth & Mr Abdullah Masood. But didn’t the Pandemic dampen these plans? He smiles wryly, “If anything, the Pandemic proved that the time was right for this huge leap. And I’m completely certain that not only shall we make the leap, but stick the landing. It’s a calculated, concerted, and well-thought out team effort from some of the most remarkable professionals in the Industry, found at Shalimar Corp Limited. I have utter and complete confidence in every one of them. Hopefully, we shall be the frontrunners of this inevitable revolution. See you on the other side!”, he says, signing off with his now-familiar ingratiating smile.

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