‘Unicorn Shake’ Captures a Small Slice of Retail Life

‘Unicorn Shake’ Captures a Small Slice of Retail Life


Unicorn Shake runs you through a tiny moment in a retail experience, letting you be as kind or awful as you’d like to be (please be kind).

It’s not really difficult to be a good person to a retail worker, is it? They don’t set the prices. They don’t choose to run out of stuff. They’re ridiculously overworked for little pay, so it’s pretty understandable if there’s been a mistake. So, there’s very rarely an excuse to be mean to the person in front of you at the coffee shop. Especially this one. They might not be thrilled to be there, but you wouldn’t be too happy to be slinging milkshakes in a pandemic for almost no wages either. So, behave yourself.

Not that you HAVE to. The game allows you to behave however you like, making this person’s life difficult if you so choose. At least they get to throw you out of the shop or have you arrested if you’re really bad. Can’t say I don’t enjoy seeing bad customers get kicked out. However, if you choose to make their life a bit easier, maybe something really nice will come out of all this. And even if you didn’t get a reward, you really ought to act this way to folks working in retail anyway.

Unicorn Shake is a quick, cute dive into retail life, but it’s a wonderful demonstration of how far a little bit of kindness can go for someone just trying to put in their work day.

Unicorn Shake

Unicorn Shake is available now (for whatever you wish to pay for it) on itch.io.


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