Trailer Tuesday – My Moon’s Boyfriend

Trailer Tuesday – My Moon’s Boyfriend


Trailer Tuesday sees us dating dinosaurs & mythical creatures, hanging out with Death for a bit, and grabbing fish from a claw game this week.


My friend Death

“Fun story game about Death”

My friend Death is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can grab a build from


The Moon’s Lost Daughter

“The princess must reach the moon before the other figures and must not come in contact with them.”

The Moon’s Lost Daughter is available now on



“In the year 2401, Humans have exhausted the last resources of the Earth and want the Ao planet for its mana. You embody Poko, the last representative of the  Koris. Alone, you must fight the invaders and have to survive as long as possible.”

Pokore is available now on


Hopefield: Tales of Halloween

Helloween is a game where 4 children need to escape from an abandoned house.”

Hopefield: Tales of Halloween is available now on



“This frog must hop through an obstacle course of space debris to find refuge on Planet Sprogger. However, Sprogg must be careful as each platform can only withstand one jump.”

Sprogger is available now on


Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance

“Romance a magical Fairy, a sensitive Sasquatch and a bold Velociraptor. A satirical 90’s teen drama about trying to find love in your last year of high school.”

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance is available now on



“You will find yourself trapped in a prison managed by an evil AI that wants to fry your brain with MALWARE: the only chance to survive is escaping the prison.”

MALWARE is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can grab the beta from


Security Booth

“Based in 1996, you are working for a company known as Nova Nexus, you play as a security guard. Your job role is to make sure that only the right authorized personnel are getting into the facility.”

Security Booth is available now on


Fossil Corner

“In Fossil Corner, you’re a retired paleontologist, collecting fossils and solving evolutionary puzzles in your old garage.”

Fossil Corner is available now on



“Visit an isolated train station with a fishing arcade. Explore the dock, play the machines, talk to a seagull, paddle a boat and take some time to relax by the water.”

Clawfish is available now on


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