Meet the Pakistani man behind ‘Bobbywood’, the Twitter account that stars Bobby Deol

Meet the Pakistani man behind ‘Bobbywood’, the Twitter account that stars Bobby Deol


Bobby Deol memes are gradually becoming a bigger hit than the actor, all thanks to one fan account run by a fan across the border.

If you too have encountered a Bobby meme in recent months, the chances are it originated from the Twitter handle ‘Bobbywood’, which celebrates ‘Lord Bobby supremacy’. While many may know about the account, not all are aware that the face behind the popular handle with nearly 22,000 followers is a Pakistani man — Abdul Ahad Jawaid.

With a mission to fight negativity one post at a time, Bobbywood is all about spreading joy. “I feel there’s a lot of negativity in the world. Every day you wake up with tragic news, something bad happening in some part of the world, especially during the pandemic. So I thought we all need a reason to smile,” he tells

Since this January, people have noticed how the handle picks an apt Bobby moment for every occasion. Be it featuring the Badal actor as the third umpire or showing how Deol had predicted Covid-19 RT-PCR test in the 90s, the handle has had a meme that brought a smile to many faces.

Jawaid argues this is not a troll account. But asked why he chose the younger Deol for his creativity, the answer was more than loaded: “You will agree that Bobby Deol’s content was always ahead of time and people never realised that it’s more relevant in 2021 instead of the 90s.”

While the most common comment on posts is that netizens “couldn’t agree more”, what left most stunned is how the 31-year-old creative professional has found a perfect Bobby reference for almost any situation. Jawaid claims it’s all quite organic. “Honestly, I don’t even know how it happens. I read something and a random scene related to it pops up in my mind. That’s how it works, nothing more than that.”

Jawaid clarifies that he does have a life beyond memes: “Some people mention in my comments that I have too much time on my hands to watch all of the movies repeatedly, but it’s not like that.”

Jawaid’s efforts have not been missed by the actor himself. In Jawaid’s own words, it was great to be “approved” by the Aashram star himself, who earlier this year had shared one of the videos on his Instagram story. “I’ll only consider it ‘approved’ if I get a chance to work with him,” he quips.

Like most 90s kids in India, Jawaid too grew up watching a lot of Hindi films when “the only source of home entertainment was TV”. He seems to derive some sadistic pleasure still: “I like movies which are so bad that they’re actually good. So Jaani Dushman and Gunda are some of my favourites.”

This love for 90s and 2000s Bollywood also shows on Instagram. Unlike his Twitter account which just focuses on the Soldier actor, on ‘Bollywood Underworldposting’ on Instagram, the variety is much richer. He says it’s all about understanding a platform. While admitting that most of the amazing meme-worthy content he found were from Bobby Deol’s movies, he thought the same might be “boring” for the Instagram audience.

“On Twitter, it was easy to identify the audience of the same age group and it worked.” His Bobby muse has clearly worked better than he imagined. “It was unexpected. I am glad that people like my content. A lot of people messaged me how Bobbywood content made them smile and that’s exactly what I want.”

“The best part of this account for me is how Indians and Pakistanis are united when it comes to Bobbywood. It’s relatable for people on both sides and it made me so happy to know that I, being a nobody, managed to do something which can unite people across borders,” he expresses his gratitude that transcends borders.


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