Take Me Back Tuesday – Hospitality for You and Hubby

Take Me Back Tuesday – Hospitality for You and Hubby


(Originally posted on August 30, 2018. – This week I’m sharing posts from the archive as our Internet is down. I’m working short hours using my church’s wifi.)

I have a friend that has the “hospitality gene.” She was born with a welcoming smile and knows how to create a home with all the little things that bless visitors.

I’ve observed her and learned from her, but then I got to thinkin’ about the people who live in my home all the time. What little things could I do to make our home lovely, welcoming, and relaxing for us?

husband and wife holding hands

Is it easy to make coffee? Are the games easy to reach? Are there extra clean towels on the shelf? Are there calm and pretty places in our home? If we need a late-night snack, can we pull one together easily?

What little things would add a touch of welcome to your home for you and your husband?

Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care.

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