The Write Stuff: everything a non-writer needs to know about content creation

The Write Stuff: everything a non-writer needs to know about content creation


Great content builds trust – which is the only foundation on which a relationship can be built. Yet only 7% of marketers think their content is exceptional. So why does poor content abound in our industry? And what can you do about it?

In B2B marketing, great content is the difference between success and failure. It turns strangers into prospects and can nurture prospects into customers and advocates.

Yet, according to 2020 data, securing the budget to ‘develop high quality, robust content at scale’ is the biggest problem chief marketing officers (CMOs) face (cited by 47%); too many of those that hold the purse strings aren’t willing to pay for great content. The same research reported that almost half (43%) of CMOs felt their content was average; and if it doesn’t inspire them, it’s not going to inspire their customers.

This matters because poor content can cause a current prospect to permanently disengage from a sales funnel they’ve been carefully nurtured along. And, if it is being used for lead generation, that asset may be the first thing a prospect sees from your company, their first knowledge of your brand. And if it’s poor, then it’ll also be the last thing they’ll look at from your company and all they remember about your brand – and you’ll never get a second chance to make that last impression.

How can you ensure that you get great content – consistently?

Without wishing to absolve bad writers for poor quality work, there are circumstances where any content creator will struggle to give their best. To employ a sports metaphor, most team managers have some experience of playing the game. Yet the same does not apply to marketing. The great paradox of our industry is that marketers are dependent upon quality content to do their jobs properly, yet very few have any experience of creating it.

So, if you are a marketer who is not a writer, what can you do to ensure that the content representing your brand is consistently great?

The ‘Write Stuff’ eBook is based on 25 years’ experience of creating content ranging from social posts to white papers in roles as varied as PR, advertising and internal communications. It sets out six things to improve your understanding of great content – and uplift your ability to contribute to its creation.

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