How To Get Featured In The Media

How To Get Featured In The Media


Hannah, principal of Hannah Nieves Consulting, helps build profitable brands through marketing, branding and PR.

So your brand is finally dabbling in the world of PR. The industry is known for having a cut-throat reputation with a make-it-or-break-it mentality, but the reality is that it’s actually a lot less intimidating than you might think.

I’m here to answer the age-old question that constantly comes into my inquiry forms and Instagram DMs: “How do I land a media placement?” 

To understand this process, we first need to define what a media placement actually is. Securing media placements in PR is a little different than just placing ads. Technically, that’s what it is, but it’s done in a more organic way. And the PR industry likes to amplify the fact that when we do get media placements for clients, we place them organically and not in a “pay for play” way. This is how media placements differ from ads. I would also add that PR media placements are placed organically, i.e., through editor relationships.

But when it comes to actually landing these media placements, where do you even start? I have three tips that will help you land your next media placement and a few straight-from-the-industry secrets to bring more confidence to your pitching.

Create Relationships With Editors And Writers

This is easier said than done, but one of the most powerful tools for your business (and really, anything in life) is relationship-building. The power of building relationships with editors, writers and representatives in the media world will help make the pitching process a little easier. 

How exactly do you build relationships with potential editors? Know who they are, what their expertise is and where your brand or client may fit in best. Do the research and work to understand that not all editors will want to be your friend — which makes sense because you probably aren’t in the market to make new friends, either. But do see it as trying to sell yourself as the go-to person for whatever your company or client is offering. For example, if your client’s business is product-based, send the editor a product to review and personalize it; even if it doesn’t guarantee a story, they will still see it as a nice gesture. And, hey, maybe they try it and love it and will try to feature it in the next story they write. It’s all about cultivating experiences and positioning yourself as someone who is the source of what they are looking for. 

Know Who You’re Pitching To

Editors, writers, freelancers — it may sound a little cutthroat, but they want to know that you know who they are. Time after time, I’ve seen people make the mistake of pitching to someone who didn’t write about the niche they was trying to land. (And in the early stages of my PR journey, I made this mistake too.) For example, if you’re looking for a media placement for a client who specializes in tech updates, make sure that the outlets you are reaching out to actually specialize in that niche. 

Follow Up

Sending a pitch to a media outlet is not a one-and-done task. Be persistent and follow up; things can get lost. These writers and editors are getting hundreds of pitches a day, so be respectfully persistent and don’t be discouraged if you hear a “no” or you don’t get a response. Remember to be realistic about whether someone will pick up the story or not. It can be tough out there, but putting your best foot forward and being intentional about touching base with writers will show that you’re serious about being featured in their outlet. 

When you’re pitching and trying to land a media placement, remember that it is so important to build authority in your niche. Without displaying your expertise, it can be hard to catch the eye of an editor, so continue building your authority through your content, brand and products. It will truly make all the difference.

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