Donald Trump mocks ‘woke’ US women’s soccer team for not winning Gold

Donald Trump mocks ‘woke’ US women’s soccer team for not winning Gold


Donald Trump has slammed the US women’s soccer team after their disappointing end to the Olympics. Huge favourites to win the tournament, the team had to settle for a Bronze Medal after losing to Canada in the semifinals.

“If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of Leftist Maniacs, wasn’t woke, they would have won the Gold Medal instead of the Bronze. Woke means you lose, everything that is woke goes bad, and our soccer team certainly has,” the former US President said in a statement.

Donald Trump on the US women’s soccer team

Donald Trump continued, “There were, however, a few patriots standing. Unfortunately, they need more than that respecting our Country and National Anthem. They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again.”

He also appeared to mock Megan Rapinoe in particular, the same footballer who had once refused to visit the White House after winning the World Cup 2019 when Trump was president. Donald Trump said, “The woman with the purple hair played terribly and spends too much time thinking about Radical Left politics and not doing her job!”

A significant section of Americans had celebrated the US women’s soccer team’s defeat in the semifinals. Their primary grouse was that the team is ‘woke’ and does not reflect American ideals. Gwen Barry, another ‘woke’ athlete, was also mocked and her disappointing 11th position finish was also celebrated by Americans.

The team that USA lost to in the semifinals, Canada, is what Trump and his supporters would call ‘woke’ as well. The Canadian team had Quinn, the first trans male player to participate in the Olympics.

Although she is biologically female, she identifies herself as ‘male.’ Her first match against Japan at Sapporo made her the first ‘openly transgender’ to participate in an Olympic event. She was a member of the Canadian soccer team at the 2016 Rio Olympics as well, which saw the country win a bronze medal. At that time, she participated in soccer events as a female player.


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