Is Your Company Struggling to Grow and Develop in a Highly Competitive Sphere of Digital Marketing?

Is Your Company Struggling to Grow and Develop in a Highly Competitive Sphere of Digital Marketing?


You realise that nowadays dozens, if not thousands, of companies are fighting for your potential client on the Internet. And to tell the truth, many are succeeding – they grab your clients, increasing their income and decreasing yours.

You might have already addressed some digital agencies, but gained no result you had expected. Or you might be just considering it.

Maybe, it is high time to leap onto stage and choose the right company?

Neon Team has been working in digital marketing since 2011 and has gained necessary knowledge and experience, developed interesting strategies and approaches that produce results. Its major focus areas are the creation of a unique, stylish design, SEO (search engine optimization), development of sites and mobile applications, writing selling texts.

How can you benefit from it:

Firstly, the team of highly professional designers and SEO specialists is constantly developing and introducing innovations, in order to meet their clients’ requirements. For an average company, it can be quite difficult and costly to have such specialists as staff members.

You might think that in order to sell its services, any company declares that only specialists work in it. But there is just one fact about this team for you. There is a person on the team who is writing texts – there’s nothing unusual in it, is there? But this person graduated from the Eurasian Institute of the Humanities with the Diploma of Honours as a Linguist of English and German. So you can imagine the quality of texts you are going to receive.

Secondly, they do not take on too many projects, in order to avoid producing mediocre things and lowering the quality of the services provided – it is difficult to create anything interesting and of a high quality if your job turns into a conveyor.

Thirdly, they make difficult things easy. While talking to clients, they do not use highly specialised words. There are no senseless and endless briefings, no phone calls every half an hour to clarify details.

Fourthly, the team carries out the research and analysis of the market, competitors, target audience, the way this audience makes decisions on buying your product or service. On this basis, the designs, sites and texts with high conversion are created. This allows to make your offer as effective as possible.  Without such market research, all marketing tools turn into a lottery.

Plans and aims:

In the nearest future, NEON Team is planning to help business owners launch interesting, ambitious projects, just as they always did. At the same time, after so many years of exciting but hard work in the on-line industry, NEON Team is ready to start a new stage in its progressive history, and at the moment they are entering Canadian market in order to make a step forward in their growth and development.

If you are considering the development of a site with a unique, stylish design, if you want to learn more about SEO, or you have decided to launch the best project in your niche – contact these guys. They have accumulate the vast experience and the whole range of digital expertise in one team.


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