Throwback Thursday – What Do You Want?

Throwback Thursday – What Do You Want?


(Originally posted on August 27, 2018. – This week I’m sharing posts from the archive as our Internet is down. I’m working short hours using my church’s wifi.)

What do you want from your husband? Perhaps make a list.

husband making list

Things like:

  • Listen to me when I talk.
  • Encourage me to chase my dreams.
  • Remember my birthday.
  • Speak well of me to others.
  • Make time for me and join me in some of the things I love to do.

Pray over your list and then ask God to help you live it out for your husband.

Yep, I pulled a fast one on you.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world (and in your marriage).

Mahatma Gandhi (parenthesis mine)

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