30 Pakistanis among 112 Taliban terrorists killed by Afghan Air Force

30 Pakistanis among 112 Taliban terrorists killed by Afghan Air Force


On Friday (April 6), about 112 Taliban terrorists were neutralised and 31 injured in multiple airstrikes conducted by the Afghan Air Force in Lashkargah city in Helmand provincial centre of Afghanistan. The Afghan Defense Ministry stated that out of the 112 slain Taliban terrorists, there were 30 Pakistanis affiliated with Islamist terror outfit Al-Qaeda.

The Afghan government has repeatedly accused Pakistan of sheltering terrorists and supporting the Taliban’s terror attack on the Afghan forces. Ambassador Ghulam Isaczai informed that Afghanistan is willing to provide evidence before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that will expose Pakistan’s supplies and logistical support to the terrorist outfit. “Should members of the Security Council want that evidence, we are ready to provide them,” he said.

He stated that the injured terrorists were being taken to Pakistan for medical treatment. The Afghanistan envoy said that there were videos which showed how injured Taliban terrorists were treated in Pakistan and buried once they died. Isaczai also said that the Afghan government had briefed its concerns about the matter to the Pakistani government.

Brazen defence of Taliban as ‘normal civilians’ by Imran Khan

In July, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had described the Taliban as ‘normal civilians’ and conceded that it was not possible for the government to hunt them down. He had justified his statement by claiming that there were more than 3 million Afghan refugees.

He alleged, “Why don’t they give us evidence of this? When they say that Pakistan gave safe havens, sanctuaries to Taliban, where are these safe havens? There are three million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. And Taliban are not some military outfit. They are normal civilians. And if there are some civilians in these camps, how is Pakistan supposed to hunt these people down? How can you call them sanctuaries?”

#SanctionPakistan trend

On Sunday (August 8), the Islamic terror outfit Taliban captured three provincial capitals including the strategic city of Kunduz in Afghanistan. Tthe Taliban lay siege on all government buildings in the city, except the Afghan army base and the airport (which is still controlled by the Afghan security forces). The development was confirmed by legislator Amruddin Wali and Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. During the forceful capture of Kunduz by the Taliban, about 14 dead bodies and 30 injured people were rushed to the hospital.

Besides Kunduz, the Taliban also took over governmental buildings in Sar-e-Pul. The state officials were thus forced to vacate the city and take refuge in a nearby military base. Later in the evening, a Parliament representative Ashraf Ayni informed that the Taloqan city in Takhar province had fallen into the hands of Taliban, who had freed all prisoners from jail. The terrorists have intensified their offensive in the northern part of the country after the US announced to withdraw its troops by August end.

#SanctionPakistan has been among the top trending hashtags on Twitter on Monday as Afghans demanded sanctions against Pakistan for its incriminating role in facilitating and enabling the Taliban. The hashtag was being trended amidst an intensifying Talibani offensive that threatens to subvert the democratic institutions in the country and plunge Afghanistan once again into the abyss of tyranny and fundamentalism. Scores of Afghan social media users had started the trend #SanctionPakistan to draw the world’s attention towards Pakistan’s involvement in supporting and fortifying the Taliban.


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