Pos Malaysia JPJ Online Booking System Marred By Huge Traffic

Pos Malaysia JPJ Online Booking System Marred By Huge Traffic


Pos Malaysia has recently announced that it will once again resume all services related to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) at its post offices starting from today onwards. This was a response to the end of the renewal moratorium for the driving licence (LMM) and road tax (LKM) which will take place on 30 September 2021.

That being said, Pos Malaysia stated that customers have to book an appointment slot first before they can obtain JPJ services at its facilities. They can do so by using the Outlet Finder function on Pos Malaysia’s website and app.

The Outlet Finder on Pos Malaysia’s website.

Unfortunately, obtaining the slot proved to be quite difficult (if not totally impossible) as Pos Malaysia struggles to cope with the high amount of traffic today. For starters, you might encounter a slow loading time when you try to access Pos Malaysia’s website via web browser and that’s even if you are actually able to go through it.

1 minute? Maybe not.

In our experience, we only managed to get into the Outlet Finder after trying for around two hours and even then, we would still encounter heavy traffic notice from time to time. Things are much better using Pos Malaysia’s mobile app, as the Outlet Finder is accessible through it without much issue.

In the example that we used above for the post office in SS15 Subang Jaya, the booking system which was actually running on the Microsoft Bookings platform stated that all the dates within August have been fully booked for this particular post office. However, we were unable to change the calendar from August to any other month.

We have tried other post offices that are located in various parts of the country including Arau, Kota Bharu, Johor Bahru, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu but faced the same problem as well. We reckoned that it could be just a misconfiguration by Pos Malaysia’s administrators but this could induce anxiety for some users that must renew their driving licence or road tax by 30 September.

This is how the UI looks like when there is an available appointment slot.

Given the short timeframe announced by JPJ, the rush that was encountered by Pos Malaysia is not exactly surprising. Whether these organisations are actually prepared for it is another question altogether though.


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