‘Medusa’s Mini Mystery’ Aims to Unmask Shady Snakes

‘Medusa’s Mini Mystery’ Aims to Unmask Shady Snakes


Medusa’s Mini Mystery sees snaky hair trying to figure out which strand turned their doughnut to stone. Hopefully before the medusa wakes up.

Well, Melissa the Medusa grabbed a doughnut from her favorite bakery. Showing a restraint I simply do not possess, she fell asleep before she could eat her treat. Now, besides getting a bit stale, this normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that one strand of her snake hair has turned the doughnut into inedible rock. So, everybody’s going to be in trouble when she gets up. It might not have to be that way if you can use your detective skills to figure out which snake did it before she awakens.

Agnesss, our detective snake, will have to prod her six sisters to see which of them did it, cutting through the variety of lies with quick questions and sharp statements. Each of the snakes has a strong personality, requiring you figure out different ways to find the cracks in their stories so that you can get your answers. You’d think they wouldn’t have the good excuses they do, seeing as they’re all attached to Melissa’s head, but this gang of serpents won’t crack easily.

Medusa’s Mini Mystery is a short, playful narrative adventure that can go in a few different directions depending on how sharp you deductive skills are. No matter what, at least this game finally clears up my questions about medusa’s snake hair and what it’s like to have living animals attached to your head.

Medusa's Mini Mystery

Medusa’s Mini Mystery is available now on itch.io.


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