Take It Easy – The Generous Wife

Take It Easy – The Generous Wife


I’ve got several projects I’m working on and a few habits I’m trying to create.

I know myself. If it’s not relatively easy and convenient, it just won’t happen. Projects get broken down into baby steps with important materials gathered in one place. I have a habit tracker in my Bujo and I make sure I have what I need at hand.

If I find I’m still struggling with something, I walk through the process and ask myself how I can break it down more or make it even easier.

Lego building blocks

What do you want to see more of in your marriage? Set the stage for it and make it easy for you and your sweetie.

More play? Clean up your stack of games and make sure they are easy to grab and play. More intimate bedroom time? Straighten and dejunk your room and make sure you have everything at hand (lubricant, toys, etc.). More talk time? Where do you talk best? Rearrange your living room a bit, add a loveseat to your bedroom, or invite your sweetie for a walk most evenings (what do you need to make that easier?).

Make it easy to grow your marriage.

Progress means simplifying, not complicating.

Bruno Munari

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