All You Need to Know About Guest Posting Australia


might wonder how posting on someone else’s website can help you. It’s a good
question. Why should you spend your time writing for someone else’s website
when you can spend that time creating content for your own? 

see, guest posting is counted amongst one of the best SEO practices in 2021
because it has multiple advantages. Brand awareness and increased traffic are
the most basic of all. However, before you start looking for prospects, you
must have clear goals in your mind. 

we can boil down to three possible goals for guest posting:

  1. Creating high-quality content in your respective industry to
    gain more authority.
  2. Diverting more traffic to your website. 
  3. Building backlinks (arguably, this should never be your main
    focus as Google’s algorithm doesn’t like it). 

you have to narrow down on one of the three goals mentioned above? Not
necessarily. With the right content, all three goals are simultaneously
achievable. If you are looking at the first and second goals, you need to post
on websites that have a diverse and large audience. 

if you simply wish to create more backlinks, websites with high domain
authority would do just fine. If you are looking for high DA free guest posting sites, below is a list for you. 

1. Business Medium 


News, Business, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship

Medium is your go-to website if you specialize in news-based content. It is one
of the best guest posting sites in
Australia in 2021
. While they are pretty flexible in terms of guest
posting, there will be some minimum requirements that you will need to meet.
Nevertheless, this is a top-of-the-list website if you wish to gain more
authority in your industry. 

2. Report Hub 


Business and Lifestyle

Hub has a good reputation for lifestyle content. It is a perfect website for
guest posting if your business is related to finance or fitness. You can
contact them through email. Also, you must visit their website and read their
content to analyse if it goes with what you do. 

3. The News Hub 


Business and Lifestyle, News

News Hub is exceptionally rich in terms of content. They also publish a
newsletter. Thus, they have a broad readership base. While their content
requirements are pretty stringent, your business will benefit from posting on
this website. Also, you will be able to divert more traffic to your website. It
is one of the best free guest
posting sites in Australia

4. Online Press Release 


News, Press

Press Release, as the name suggests, specialises in publishing press releases.
Therefore, you might need to do some research to find out how press releases
can help you in SEO. However, if you do write press releases, this is your
go-to website. Visit Online Press Release to understand their content

5. Press Release Australia 


News, Press

releases can do wonders for your SEO strategy. Therefore, we couldn’t have
mentioned just one website for publishing press releases. Press Release
Australia is a good alternative for Online Press Release. You can also post
news articles on various topics here. Since multiple authors contribute to this
website, you should visit it to understand the required content. 

6. The Global Beauty 


Health and Beauty, Skincare

you are searching for a website that accepts guest blogs for health and beauty in Australia, you should visit
The Global Beauty. They consistently create high-quality content on health and
beauty. There are multiple advantages to working with The Global Beauty. Better
ranking and traffic are the most basic ones. 

7. Healthy and Beauty 


Health and Beauty, Skincare

and Beauty publish comprehensive health
and beauty blogs in Australia. They have a good readership base. Healthy
and Beauty is a good alternative for The Global Beauty. However, it would be
good if you visit both the websites and choose for yourself. To get the content
requirements, search for a section called write beauty tips for us.

our list was not helpful for you, you could search for blogging opportunities
independently. The first step would be to shortlist websites that are relevant
to your industry. You can refer to the following criteria while shortlisting

They should
have content that focuses on your industry.

audience must be interested in your industry.

They have
a decent readership base. 

website owner is active on other platforms (optional). 

example, suppose your business is about computer programming courses. In that
case, you need to find a website that has content on coding. However, it is
easier said than done. Therefore, below are some tips on how to find good
guest-posting websites. 

1. You can do a Google search 

might sound obvious and funny. However, all Google searches do not yield the
desired results. The reason is mainly wrong search queries. You can try the
following (replace the keyword with
keywords from your industry): 

Keyword submit a guest post

Keyword guest post

Keyword guest post by 

Keyword accepting guest posts

Keyword guest post guidelines 

results of the search queries mentioned above should lead you to the submission
pages of websites that accept guest blogs. You might also find links to
guideline pages or guest posts by other writers. 

2. Following prominent guest bloggers 

first step is to shortlist prominent guest bloggers from your industry. Once
you have the list, it’s time to do a bit of a Google search. Locate their guest
articles. Make a list of the websites they have posted on. As a result, you
will have a list of high-value websites that prominent guest bloggers work
with. It is one of the most effective methods of finding good websites for
guest blogging. 

3. Analyse the backlinks of your

the backlinks of your competitors is also a suitable method of finding new
websites for guest posting. There are various tools available on the internet
to check competitor’s backlinks. If you do not have access to any of these
tools, a simple Google search would also do. For example, use this search query: “guest post.” 

having a list of websites that take guest blogs is not enough. High-ranking
websites do not take content from everyone. So what is it that you can offer
them? If you cannot create an impressive pitch for guest posting, then your
chances are dim. 

things first, do not contact the website without some prior research. You need
to understand what kind of content they publish. Are they writing on a beginner,
intermediate, or advanced level? What type of audience are they writing for?
How is their content structured? 

are various questions that you need to address for preparing a good pitch.
Analysing other guest posts should be a priority of your research. While some
websites might accept posts from others, there are times when they get no
readership. You must look for such issues in advance. 

significant aspect that you need to analyse is who the guest bloggers are? Are
they consultants, business owners, or freelancers? Is there a pattern that the
website in question follows? Sometimes websites take guest posts from some
people over others. Try to understand the criteria that are being

you want your posts to be accepted by high-ranking websites, you might need to
do some base work. Regularly posting high-quality blogs will increase your
readership base. However, whether your guest posts are taken or not also
depends on how prominent you are. Therefore, you must constantly work on that

the research is done, it’s time to prepare the pitch. It’s mandatory to
carefully read the guidelines provided on the website you are writing for. You
must follow them closely. There are times when website owners want you to pitch
an idea, and there are times when they expect a whole post. Some owners are
particular about the format, style, and tone that they desire. You must adhere
to the owner’s expectations. 

pitch email should be something off-the-beat for the owner of the website. They
must receive multiple requests every day. How do you stand out from the crowd?
Focus on your unique points. Also, personalising your email is highly
important. Somewhere you must mention the name of the website owner. 

your idea to owners of high-ranking websites can be a bit tricky. However, with
proper preparation and research, you will do fine. Guest posting is indeed an
effective SEO strategy. But what matters most is which website you select to
post on. High-ranking websites yield much better results than low-ranking

Is this entire process too complicated
for you? You can visit NuKind Digital’s website instead for guest posting services in Australia. We
will make the job easier for you.


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