Joe Biden administration enlists TikTok influencers to promote vaccines

Joe Biden administration enlists TikTok influencers to promote vaccines


The Joe Biden administration in the United States has sought the services of TikTok influencers to promote vaccine acceptance among children, journalist Benny Johnson revealed in a Twitter thread.

Johnson, who got hold of the confidential email sent by the White House’s PR team to TikTok influencers and shared the same on Twitter, said that the Joe Biden administration asked prominent individuals on the video-sharing focused social networking service to do an intimate call with Dr Fauci and create content to promote vaccines among children.

“The goal is to have…ask questions on behalf of the community and educate young people around the vaccine as there is massive need to grow awareness within the 12-25 age group,” the screenshot of the confidential email shared by Johnson read.

Johnson also shared an extremely cringe-worthy video that was supposedly created by one of the TikTok influencers to create awareness about taking vaccines among children and teens.

The embarrassing video shows a man decked up in unseemly clothes working as an intern at the White House. It depicts how “woke” it is to spend a day as an intern at the White House, working with the politicians and ensuring that Americans are jabbed with vaccines.

Senior Editor at Human Events, Jack Posobiec reacted to Johnson’s expose, stating that the White House PR team went into a tizzy after the influencer email got leaked by Benny Johnson.

Posobiec said the White House team perhaps did not think that the emails would be leaked to anyone on the political right and assumed Tik Tok users to be Gen Z/Millennial Left.

Joe Biden administration employs 50 social media influencers to promote vaccine acceptance

Earlier last week, the US government enlisted 50 Twitch streamers, YouTubers and TikTokers to help them drum up their vaccination numbers and combat the scourge of vaccine misinformation being spread on social media.

According to The New York Times, the White House had partnered with the firm Village Marketing and Made to Save, a national campaign aimed at promoting access to coronavirus vaccines, in using influencers to help with its message.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had defended the government’s strategy of enlisting social media celebs, saying the goal is “meet people where they are” by using influencers to spread accurate information with larger audiences. Psaki had then also acknowledged that, for some people, Biden is not the best messenger to ease their hesitancy about the vaccine and that other trusted voices can help reassure some people.


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