Keeping track of your health with the TDEE calculator | Health News

Keeping track of your health with the TDEE calculator | Health News


‘Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.’ — Winston Churchill

Health is surely a much-debated topic that becomes complicated as soon as you try to venture into it. You are bombarded with jargons that amplify your perplexions and which make no sense at all. TDEE, BMI are a few terms that you must have encountered on countless fitness websites, your peers and fellow dieting gurus who claim to have everything under control when it comes to their health. The terms like TDEE, BMI etc might seem too much at first but the path of fitness starts with TDEE only. It is a metric that determines your present fitness levels, your diet requirements and the alterations required to achieve your fitness goals.

What is TDEE?

TDEE stands for total daily energy expenditure, a self-explanatory term but we will shed some light on this. You, as a human, or rather your body, requires a specific amount of energy to function throughout the day. The total energy required by your body to function daily is called total daily energy expenditure or TDEE. It is nothing complicated and just an indication of what the current levels are and what needs to change in the TDEE to help you get closer to your fitness goals.

TDEE isn’t a simple calculation by any means. There are a lot of attributes that need to be considered for measuring it, namely BMR, Age, Height, Weight, activity level and body fat percentage. You may not have all these metrics available with you and should be tabulated first before calculating TDEE. Thankfully, if you have got all the metrics with you the internet provides a few reliable online calculators, for example this TDEE Calculator by Fitness Volt that can calculate your TDEE along with your BMI, BMR, Ideal Weight, Maximum Muscular Potential and Daily Macronutrients (Maintenance, Cutting, Bulking) in a few seconds.

So, you don’t have to fiddle much with the formula and complicated calculations. Fitness Volt is committed to making people fit and have a precise calculator that can measure your TDEE in a few seconds.

I know my TDEE. Now what?

TDEE gives a clear indication of what your current energy consumption is and how many calories you consume to achieve it. If your fitness goals involve losing weight it is recommended to be under the TDEE and if you are planning to gain weight and muscle mass, targeting higher calories than TDEE will do the job. Simply knowing TDEE and consuming anything to hit the magic number is not the correct way to do it. Here are a few tips that can help you leverage TDEE to bolster your fitness and wellness.

Clean nutrition

The workout part is to train the muscles and body and break it apart while the diet part helps in restoring and reinforcing your body for the next day. It doesn’t mean you can munch on your favourite foods while disregarding the nutritional value. Macros play a very important role in determining a clean and nutritious diet and if you plan on hitting your calorie mark by consuming pizza and pancakes, the body will still lack the proper ratio of macronutrients. The usual idea is to limit the fats and add more protein to your diet. You should consult a proper fitness and nutrition brand consultant like Fitness Volt about your goals and the split of diet and physical activity required to achieve it.

Realistic Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t become the epitome of physical fitness in just a day. Fitness isn’t a milestone but a long journey that tests your temperament. Start by jotting down your goal and break it down into smaller challenges. Remember that consistency is the key to stay fit and each downfall can set you back quite a bit. As you slowly conquer the smaller challenges your enthusiasm and capabilities increase with time.

Don’t fret about fats

As soon as you start working out, the general talk is about how fats are useless and the sole reason for your obesity. Fats are quintessential to provide energy and you should opt for food items that constitute good fat. Apart from providing energy, fats help in cell growth, lubricate the intestines, and keep the cholesterol and blood pressure under control. Remember that moderation is the key to having a fit body and mind.

Fibre and micronutrients

Simply sticking to protein and carb sources won’t do much good. Our body needs fibre and micronutrients as much as macronutrients and without them, nutrient absorption in the body is not possible. So, you could consume as much protein and carbs as you like but the body will discard most of it without micronutrients and fibre. A basic idea is to incorporate unprocessed fruits and vegetables in your diet that are full of micronutrients and possess some fibre as well.

A well-devised training program

Your body houses numerous muscles that engulfed the bone and give you a structure. Good training programs should focus on training all the body parts periodically to ensure overall growth. The exercises can become monotonous over time so conversing and cycling between training programs is a good way to ensure that you never miss a day.


Supplementation is costly and is treated as something unnecessary but to stay fit you have to have a balanced fill of nutrients that cannot be obtained by food sources. Genuine supplements are costly but reliable websites like Fitness Volt provide deals from time to time of genuine and branded supplements to help you fill the missing piece of the puzzle in your fitness endeavours.


TDEE is crucial to determine what is the current status of your body and to chalk out a plan depending upon your goals. Fitness demands discipline and incessant hard work without any excuses. Treat food as a fuel source and try to maximize your living potential rather than living a sedentary lifestyle that invites health problems.

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