Kobayashi Tower’ is a Card Game of Rescuing Hostages

Kobayashi Tower’ is a Card Game of Rescuing Hostages


Hunted: Kobayashi Tower looks a bit like a Die Hard card game, tasking you with saving loved ones while keeping quiet and moving fast.

An adaptation of the solo card game, this title tasks you with saving your wife and avoiding being attacked while on a strict time limit. You will have to carefully play your cards to stay out of sight, gather tools to fight back if you end up in trouble, and try to save some of the other hostages on the way. The trouble is that many of your actions make noise, and if you create too much of a disturbance, enemies will be able to zero in on where you are. Tough as you may be, you’re not going to survive a massive battle against multiple people for long.

Hunted Kobayashi Tower, shows several cards from the card game (doors, bullets).

If you take things too carefully while you explore, though, you run the risk of taking too long and running out of time. The terrorists have their own tasks while they’re in the building, and if they finish up before you do, you’re kinda screwed. So, not only do you have to work with whatever cards you get dealt or manage to scrounge up, but you also have to take risks with the noise you make in order to have any kind of chance of making it out on time. You can hide out if things get too heated, but again, that clock is always ticking away.

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower makes for a tense card game as you try to juggle arming yourself, keeping quiet, and saving lives. Just try not to lose your shoes while you’re at it.

Hunted Kobayashi Tower, shows a restroom and boardroom location.

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower is available now on Steam.


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