Kovid Mittal – lifestyle has direct impact on immune system to ward off any virus

Kovid Mittal – lifestyle has direct impact on immune system to ward off any virus


Being from industry where fitness and looks matter, how does the morning looks like in actor Kovid Mittal’s daily routine?

I religiously have started drinking hot lemon water on empty stomach, it flushes the waste buildup from previous night and this creates more room for better absorption. I used to drink milk tea first think in morning, but since I replaced it with hot lemon water, i have seen my energy levels sky rocket, and doesn’t this clearly show what you consume has such drastic effect on your metabolism.

Is there a particular diet you follow?

There are lot of fancy diets online these days by so many trainers, i feel unless you’re not competing in a professional bodybuilding contest, a diet chart for an actor, fitness model or even a corporate person who wants a healthy lifestyle should not be much complicated, 5 to 7 small meals a day each meal having proteins, carbohydrates, fats. It’s that simple

Can you elaborate your diet/meal plans?

Well breakfast is oats, bowl of fruits, dry fruits, and 200 ml glass of milk. Before I workout, I consume a banana for the immediate energy. Post workout I have rice with chickpeas, peas, beans, soya any one of these

After lunch around 4pm i have some snack, it can be brown bread sandwich filled with cottage cheese, cucumber lettuce to keep hunger at bay

Around 6pm i have one cup of milk tea as I really can’t go without with at least one cup of milk tea .

During evening I have 3 chapattis with any two home cooked veggies and before sleeping I have Another 200 ml glass of milk with turmeric it really helps in long-run.

Is the meal chart really that simple?

Well this works for me, as per my body weight I keep fluctuating the portion of meals quantity, if you really follow one rule 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight I am sure your pretty much on right track.

To all fitness enthusiast i am so sure they do consume two to three scoops of whey protein but I feel our meals can take care of protein quantity, only advantage of whey protein from market is that its convenient to take.

Again like I said, if you’re competing or have shoot coming or travelling where you can’t cook all your meals whey shake come handy, but in my general routine I don’t consume whey. Even if you go read martial artist Bruce Lee bio and on YouTube channels you will know how much he emphasized on consuming vegetables in all meals and relying on rice for major energy source. Vegetables are best source of clean minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with that I mean it’s absorbed totally by our body without being taxing on digestive system, likewise Actor and environmentalist Leonardo Dicaprio has been encouraging people to have more plant based meals, the simple reason is it does provide you all essential nutrients the body needs and it also reduces carbon footprint.

So how your lifestyle has helped the immune system?

Well from my past 15 years of experience I have seen if one gives up junk food, aerated beverages, alcohol the amount of work immune system has to do keep body functioning at optimal level is reduced. I haven’t had cold, fever since 2015 even once, the simple reason is I started consuming more nature given foods rather than processed food. I saw drastic improvement in my skin appearance; the simple reason is my immune system is now working in best state.

So what dos and don’ts for food habits for our readers?

Well anything that is processed, especially Maida has to go out of our plate, because it simply goes inside our body and flushes out the next day without delivering any nutrients.

Limit white sugar as much as we can and try consuming it via fruits.

I don’t consume alcohol, not that I haven’t but I have felt I feel more active and full of energy when I am not, the simple reason is alcohol is more taxing on our immune system, the more we load our immune system with such toxins we feel lethargic.

So if we consume nature given food, and indulge in daily physical activity even a walk in nature it keeps immune system working fine.

Any more advice to our readers?

Well I want everyone to try this

Before sleeping have cold water shower can assure you all, it will jump start your immune system and one shall have a very calm sleep. The reason is it makes the body to work in full gear to provide heat to combat the cold water shower, to balance the temperature difference.

Have you ever felt once your done a intense workout and taken cold shower there is a glow on skin, and mind feels calm the reason is because immune system is working at full swing to repair the muscle damage, “T” cells are increased in blood, the antibody levels in blood goes up and hence that euphoric effect. We see all instagram status of some people..” bad hair day” right?

Reason is because few days prior to that bad hair day they have been consuming all sorts of junk, wine, and hence one feels bloated, sluggish because immune system is taxed up to flush out the toxin.

Hence what we consume has a direct impact on our mood swings.

Any final tips, so readers can benefit?

Our immune system, mood swings are directly related to our gut health. our gut is home to millions of different bacteria.

So keep the food/meal plan with full of veggies, fruits and probiotic it keeps the gut health in top form ,Remember the rule more diversified the bacteria population in our gut the better the absorption rate, and hence digestive track works in best shape. I include one scoop of curd in lunch every day, banana, berries; asparagus all keep feeding the gut population with required food to keep it in healthy state. Ever since I included all the above my skin hair looks way better, my bloating problems have totally been none, my fat percentage dropped drastically.

I know these are trying times as much of us our spending time home, I do spend 10 minutes in sun, we all heard its natural source of vitamin D but it’s also a natural disinfectant and exposure to early morning sunrays has mood uplifting effect on our minds, that’s the power of Mother Nature.

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People ask me about my six packs if I consumed fat burner, the simple reason is I eradicated the junk and sugar from my meals and my aesthetic appearance was by-product of my lifestyle .We should treat our daily lifestyle like one serious business if one want to survive in the long run. It might be hard to give up junk, sweet tooth and other processed food in beginning but it’s only the initial stage, once you get into the habit of raw organic meals, it shall be worth the change.


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