KYC Fraud: SBI warns customers, shares TIPS to keep money safe; says report such matters to

KYC Fraud: SBI warns customers, shares TIPS to keep money safe; says report such matters to


The State Bank of India (SBI) has warned it customers against KYC (Know Your Customer) fraud. India’s largest public lender has issued an alert and asked its customers report such matters to cybercrime. It said KYC fraud has spread like wildfire across the country and one should avoid clicking on link sent by someone posing as SBI’s representative to ensure that they are not tricked into losing their hard-earned money to such fraudsters.  

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It said it begins by sending link in a text message and asking the target person to update KYC.  Informing about this rampant criminal activity, the SBI tweeted, “The reality of KYC fraud has proliferated across the country. The target is sent a text message asking to update their #KYC by clicking on a link by someone acting as a bank/company representative. Report such scams at” 

Speaking about KYC fraud modus-operandi, the SBI said the cybercriminal send a text message to a random number asking the user to update their KYC by clicking on a link sent in the message. It said many SBI customers and non-customers have received such links and hence one should ignore such messages and report the matter to the authorities concerned.  

The state Bank of India also went on to explain how you can stay safe from such frauds. 

SBI tips to stay safe KYC FRAUD 

* Do not click on attachments/links received in sms/emails from unknown sources. 

* Do not download any mobile app based on telephone calls/emails from unknown sources 

* Do not share sensitive details like Aadhaar number, Date of Birth, mobile number, debit card no, pin, CVV, internet banking user ID/password, OTP 

While informing its customers and public in large, the SBI reiterated that banks never send links to update KYC and one should report such matters to when they come across such messages.  



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