Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad behind weapons, narcotics dropped by drones in Jammu: DGP Dilbag Singh | Jammu and Kashmir News

Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad behind weapons, narcotics dropped by drones in Jammu: DGP Dilbag Singh | Jammu and Kashmir News


Jammu: Director General of Police Dilbag Singh has said that Pakistan-based terror groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) are behind the dropping of arms, IEDs and narcotics by drones in Jammu and Kashmir recently.

The J&K DGP said that the time has come to defeat and reject terrorism to usher in peace and development in the Union Territory.

Singh warned that the ongoing counter-insurgency operations would be further speeded up to wipe out terrorism, while efforts are on to further strengthen security arrangements to counter the threat posed by the drones, especially in the aftermath of the recent attack on the Indian Air Force base in Jammu.

The DGP, while talking to reporters after the attestation-cum-passing-out parade of the 27th Basic Recruitment Training Course (BRTC) in Kathua district, said LeT’s hand is suspected behind the twin drone strikes inside the IAF station, Jammu in the early hours of Sunday.

“The investigation (in the IAF bombing) is in progress. We have not reached any conclusive stage so as to say who is actually involved but now that we have past history of Lashkar using drones to drop weapons, narcotics on this site beside the ready-made Improvised Explosive Devices to be planted at various locations… So at this stage, I would only say that LeT hand is suspected and rest when we move further in the investigation we will be able to say further,” Singh said.



Referring to the arrest of a terrorist with 5.5 kgs of IED in Jammu, Singh said a module was busted which was planning to carry out an IED explosion at a crowded place to cause large number of casualties on the same day when the twin bombs were dropped on the air force station.

“The IED came and was sent from the LeT handler from that side (Pakistan). The fellow who was to receive that IED has been arrested by police and is being interrogated. The IED was to be planted at a crowded place to cause a large number of casualties,” the police chief said.



DGP Singh also complimented the security agencies and Jammu police for the successful operation of thwarting the attempt before the IED could be planted. Describing drones as a major security threat, Singh said, “the use of drones by anti-national elements, terrorists, to drop weapons and IEDs is a threat and we are taking counter steps (to defeat their designs).”

In an appeal to youths, the DGP said Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a lot of death and destruction due to terrorism. “My message to the youth is that there is enough bloodshed of innocents by terrorists and the time has come to reject and defeat terrorism on every front. Youth should be equal partners in peace, prosperity and development and should save themselves from such activities which are not beneficial to them, their families and the society as a whole,” he said.

The police chief said all the security agencies have got together after the drone strike and held a series of meetings to review the security arrangements of vital installations and places to ward off such types of attacks in the future.

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