Little Fabric Heart Bins + PATTERN SALE

Little Fabric Heart Bins + PATTERN SALE


I made something Valentine’s-y using my Hold it Bin Pattern + Squeeze Fabrics….Because it’s so fun to see fabric come to life when it’s sewn into a project. And really, I can’t resist making these tiny bins.

I wish I could send you a spritz of the freshly-opened-Reese’s-peanut-butter-hearts bag through the screen. Because it is soooo good. I’ve been saying this for years, but the best way to get fresh Reese’s peanut butter cups is to buy them during a holiday. They’re guaranteed to have perfect peanut buttery consistency! (Instead of being chalky and old). YUM.

And you thought this post was going to be about heart fabric.
And bins.
Okay it is!

Just pour some yummy candy in there and you’ve got a fun little gift! A handmade touch really makes a gift feel extra special.

And, since love is in the air….I’d  love to see you make these too!

The HOLD IT BIN PATTERN is 25% off until Valentine’s Night, 2/14/21.
Use the Code HEARTBIN at checkout.

And if you want to sew together….
• Watch me make this orange heart Gift Box on my Instagram Post here.
• Watch me make the Large All-Purpose Bin on my Youtube Channel here. (or click the Play button below)

These videos walk through all the basics, with good tips and tricks. I’ll even show you where I messed up. Arg. But there’s an easy fix!

The project is all about the prep: fusing the interfacing, cutting out the pieces, the felt layer, etc. And once that’s done, the sewing goes really fast! And the pattern comes in 14 sizes. So there’s something for everyone.

Happy early Valentine’s Day.
And Happy Binning!

💗 Pattern: The Hold it Bin
❤️ Fabric: Squeeze fabrics by me for  FIGO Fabrics
🧡 Interfacing: Pellon Decor Bond 809
💛 Felt: By the yard from a craft or fabric shop
☀️ Sewing machine BRILLIANT model by Baby Lock
🍋 Thread from Quilty Box


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