Maharashtra CM questioned over students lacking access to education

Maharashtra CM questioned over students lacking access to education


Pratik Karpe, Education Committee Member at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Secretary of BJP Mumbai, has raised questions about the education department in Maharashtra in a press release on the 2nd of July. In the press release, he has said children are suffering due to lack of access to education amidst the Coronavirus restrictions.

Pratik Karpe has raised multiple issues related to the state of education in Maharashtra. He has said that students studying in Government schools do not have access to the internet and the tabs that were provided to them had multiple issues. He said that on an average, only 12-18% of students are benefiting from online education.

The press release stated, “Fees of private schools and private colleges have not been decreased and on the contrary they are charged for infrastructure facilities like library, gymkhana and other many such non-provided facilities.”

Karpe asked, “Is there any proper record of students availing online education in Govt Schools and how are they being monitored on daily basis? What is the provision made for students who are not getting online education in Govt or local body schools?”

The BJP leader also pointed out that teachers are not being provided jobs merely because they studied under Marathi medium schools. He also said that students in Marathi medium are declining year by year. He said that if such was the condition in BMC, then one can only wonder what is the situation like in the rest of the state.

The questions were directed to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray, who has come under criticism for gross mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic in the state.


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