Maoists using WhatsApp to incite the Maratha youth to take up arms against Indian govt: Reports

Maoists using WhatsApp to incite the Maratha youth to take up arms against Indian govt: Reports


The left-wing terrorists, who are facing existential threat thanks to sustained counter-terror operations from the security forces, have now taken to WhatsApp to further their propaganda against the country. In an effort to lure more Maratha youths into their movement and recruit them to the left-wing terrorism, the Maoists are now employing new ways to reach the masses to sustain their anti-India movement.

According to the India Today report, one such letter written by left-wing terrorists to Maharashtra youths has been intercepted by security officials. The latest letter by the left-wing terrorists, a way to influence and recruit cadres for the Naxalite movement, has sparked a worry in the Maharashtra government, and Home minister Dilip Walse Patil has now sought a probe to find the root of the digital communique that could potentially cause unrest in society.

As per the India Today report, initial findings have revealed that the letter from the Maoists surfaced in Kamalapur village, which is about 73 km from Gadchiroli town. The forest areas of Gadchiroli are considered to be one of the hubs of the Naxalite movement in Maharashtra.

According to Sandip Patil, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police, Nagpur Range, a local journalist had received a propaganda pamphlet on WhatsApp, signed by “Sahyadri”, also knows as Milind Telumbde, the secretary of CPI(M). He said the letter was a genuine one.

The officer stated that the structure of the letter resembled the other letters seized during the probe into the Elgar Parishad case. The language used in the letter appears to be written by a well-read person, who is eloquent in Marathi literature. The letter also urged the local youths to join the Badal movement in order to resolve long pending issues of reservations.

Left-wing terrorist want Maratha youth to pick up arms against the Indian state

The left-wing terrorists also tried to incite the youth by claiming that the government machinery and elected representatives should be held responsible for the unfulfilled demands of Maratha youth. The letter also charged that the government only works for the Ambanis and Adanis, therefore getting the Maratha reservation is not possible.

To this end, the Maratha youth should join the Naxalite movement to change the present system, stated the letter. Urging the youths to pick up weapons against the Indian state, the letter asked the Maratha youth to adopt guerrilla warfare techniques to fulfil their demands.

“It states that the poor and helpless belonging to other communities as well as the Naxals are with the Maratha youth in their struggle. It has been a common practice of Maoists to try and lure people who are striving against the state machinery to get their demands fulfilled,” the DIG said.

Further, the letter added, “The handful of middlemen within the community are extorting the community. This downfall of the community is more economic than social. The government is responsible for this huge downfall of the community”.

Maoist letter that was intercepted on WhatsApp/ Image Source: Pune Mirror

In reaction to the Maoists propaganda pamphlets, Maharashtra DIG Patil said that Maoists are known to promote the urban Naxal movement, but the letter in itself is misleading.

Meanwhile, Maratha leaders have criticised the sinister designs of Naxalites to create unrest in society. Rajendra Kondhare, the general secretary of the Akhil Bhartiya Maratha Mahasangh, said Naxals are trying to take advantage of the ongoing unrest within the community.

“Youth from Maratha Community might be at loggerheads with the government, but we believe in the democratic system. How can we go with those who don’t believe in the democratic system and the Indian constitution?” stated Kondhare.

Meanwhile, Ravindra Kadam, former Joint Commissioner of Police (Nagpur), who oversaw anti-Naxal operations, said using social media like WhatsApp to reach their target is yet another improvisation by the Naxals, as the source of origin of the communication is difficult to trace.


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