Mi Watch Revolve Active review

Mi Watch Revolve Active review


Xiaomi’s latest wearable for the Indian market is the Mi Watch Revolve Active. The fitness smartwatch is an upgrade over its previous Mi Watch Revolve and brings features such as a blood oxygen monitor (SpO2) and Alexa voice-assistant.

The watch has a starting price of Rs 9,999, though Xiaomi is offering some discounts at the moment. But how does the Mi Watch Revolve Active perform? Here’s our review.

Mi Watch Revolve Active review: What’s good?

The latest Mi Watch Revolve Active sports a circular display with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, which is bright and vibrant. The display is legible even in bright sunlight. I’d say the watch can be a bit too bright, especially if you are wearing it to sleep and the screen accidentally lights up.

The watch has a home button and dedicated sports button. Pressing the sports button shows the list of all the sports modes on the device. It has a red accent as well.

If you press the home button, you can see all the apps on the Watch. Pressing to hold this button will activate Alexa, provided you have signed in from the Mi Wear app. Alexa works accurately on the device. I asked for a few queries about my upcoming orders, the weather and it responded without any glitches. But because the watch is dependent on the phone, remember if the phone’s battery runs out, then Alexa will stop working too. There’s only Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, no WiFi support on the watch.

Mi Watch Revolve Active, Mi Watch Revolve Active review, Mi Watch Revolve Active specifications, Mi Watch Revolve Active features, Mi Watch Revolve Active price in India The apps on the Mi Watch Revolve Active. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The user interface of the watch is quite simple. You can keep swiping left or right to access widgets such as blood oxygen, heart-rate monitoring, step count, stress and sleep levels, etc. You can also press the Home button and access the apps individually, though the apps are limited out here. The user interface is easy to use and works smoothly. The watch also shows notifications from your apps such as WhatsApp, Messages, Gmail, etc. But you can only see the notification, you cannot reply or take any other action as such.

I liked that there are several exercise modes to choose from; including freestyle workout, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga, Jump Rope, Hiking, Triathlon, in addition to the usual workouts that one finds on fitness watches. Users will appreciate the ability to add and remove workouts straight from the watch. Xiaomi lets you choose from a number of categories. The watch supports nearly 117 professional sports modes across categories. There’s support for water polo, tug of war, rowing, darts, even fishing.

The different kind of sports modes offered on the Mi Watch Revolve Active. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

I found the watch to be reasonably accurate on the steps count. There was no crazy spike in steps count during my recent drive back home to Delhi, something which I have noticed on plenty of other watches in the past. I also used it to track my indoor cycling, given that outdoor is not possible at the moment, and the stats were in line with what I expected. I used it to track my other workouts including the bare minimum weight lifting and other exercises that I do.

The sleep tracking is also reasonably accurate, though I’m not sure how Xiaomi is giving out the scores. One night it gave me a score of 90 and good sleep, when I most definitely did not sleep well. Another night of poor sleep was tracked more accurately and I got a score of 60. The next day a sleep score of 62 was marked as good on the watch. The app shows it as poor sleep, which is correct. The parameters are still a bit unclear.

Data from sleep tracking and during an exercise session as recorded by the Mi Watch Revolve Active. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The watch also offers stress tracking, and I’d say it was pretty accurate on this front as well. It also comes with GPS capabilities, though since I’ve not used it for walking outside, I’ve not been able to test the accuracy of this particular feature. It is also water-resistant and can be taken for a swim as well. I wore it during my baths and at one point I even accidentally put soap on the device, but it continues to work fine.

But perhaps the strongest feature of the watch is the battery. I’ve not charged it since I got the watch a week back. And even now the battery is only down to 57 per cent. Xiaomi is promising a battery life of nearly 14 days. I’d say for heavy-duty users who workout a lot more, it will easily last beyond a week, even if the notifications keep coming in.

Mi Watch Revolve Active review: What’s not good?

The Mi Watch Revolve Active is more of a fitness watch with some smart functions. Yes, I can see the WhatsApp notifications coming in, but I can’t really do much about them on the watch. I’m not a fan of the way the notifications appear either and the interface could do with some sprucing up here. And I’m using the watch in pairing with a premium Mi device, so I expected a bit more on the smart front.

The Alexa app on the Mi Watch Revolve Active. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The watch is not the most comfortable to wear, despite not being that heavy under 32 grams. I would blame the plastic straps here. I have the beige colour option, and while the watch case looks premium, the straps could be better. Xiaomi does offer interchangeable strap options. Still, I feel the in-box option is disappointing.

Mi Watch Revolve Active review: Should you buy?

The Mi Watch Revolve Active delivers well on some aspects; the display, the battery life and the fitness-related features. It also comes with blood oxygen monitoring, which has become much needed in today’s Covid-19 impacted world. As a fitness watch, this makes a good case, though at Rs 9,999 it is on the higher side. But with discounts and bank offers right now, one can get it for Rs 8,249. In terms of being a smartwatch, it is a bit limited.

If you are looking for a fitness-drive smartwatch for under Rs 10,000, this is an option to consider, especially since it covers a range of sports and activities. But brands like Amazfit and Noise are offering several of these features at lower prices in their smartwatches, so keep that in mind.


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