Narcotics Bureau Raids Narcotics Bureau Office – The Fauxy

Narcotics Bureau Raids Narcotics Bureau Office – The Fauxy


In one of the most ironic incidents, Narcotics Bureau India raided the office of Narcotics Bureau of India on Saturday. The world is observing International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking day today and to make more people aware about the drug abuse agencies and organisations are roping in celebrities from various fields. 

Reportedly, Narcotics Bureau has uploaded a video on its official twitter account, the video shows Boxer Vijender Singh talking about ill effects of drugs. Olympics medal winning boxer Vijender Singh had consumed heroin after procuring it from alleged drug smugglers and has been caught for drug smuggling. 

Soon after people started outrage, and demanded a probe against the Narcotics Bureau social media manager, Narcotics Bureau officials raided the office to find out if their social media manager is high on drugs.

Only someone who is high on drugs can do that such blunder” said one of the Narcotics Bureau officials.

Details of the raid are awaited.


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