NEW FREE PATTERN – The Stripey Quilt + Pillow Sham

NEW FREE PATTERN – The Stripey Quilt + Pillow Sham


The STRIPEY QUILT PATTERN is here! And guess what…’s FREE!
If you’ve been wanting to jump into the quilting world, or try out one of my patterns for free, then today is your lucky day! (and the next day, and the day after that). This pattern will be free indefinitely.


Press the play button below, or watch it here on my channel:

The inspiration for the Stripey Quilt came from, well, LOVING STRIPES.
Other stripe lovers out there? Unite!

But the idea also started from the girls’ room makeover this past year (remember that recent post?). I really wanted yellow and white comforters for their room, but couldn’t find the right thing online. And I knew that I should just make them. But if I’m being honest, I didn’t feel like figuring out all the math, haah. So instead I kept searching online and eventually found some duvet covers at H+M that worked perfectly. And I put the striped quilt idea aside.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I mean, yea, it’s just stripes. I know there are tutorials out there for it. But I thought this would be a great beginner quilting pattern to start with. And how cute would it be with a matching pillow sham? To create a complete bedding set??

And then I had that ultra duh moment about making a KING size pillow sham for the twin size bed, and well, I started working on the Stripey Quilt + pillow sham in all bedding sizes!

If you’re a beginner quilter, this is a great place to start. The quilt pieces are simple and large, and the pattern walks through all the basics of how to make a quilt from beginning to end.

Here are some details about the pattern:
• There are 5 quilt sizes
• 2 pillow shams (so you can make a complete bedding set)
• Detailed instructions
• Colorful diagrams + tips
• All the basics you need to know—like basting a quilt (making the quilt sandwich: Backing fabric + Batting + Quilt top), design ideas for quilting (the stitching on top), and how to bind your quilt.
• Instructions for making a pillow sham with (or without) pom pom trim!

Who needs more Pom Pom trim in their life?? I can’t say no to these!

If you’ve never worked with Pom Pom trim before, the pattern goes over that as well.
You can also reference my video for extra tips — How to make a Beach Towel with Pom Pom Trim (click the play button below or watch it on my channel here)

The pillow sham included in the STRIPEY QUILT pattern is something you can use over and over again when making any bedding set, even if you don’t make it stripey. It’s such a good staple. So make sure you download the pattern even if it’s JUST for the pillow!

Ready to get your stripe on?!

Have fun downloading, reading, cutting, sewing, all that fun stuff.
Please share your photos online with me if you’d like!

I can’t wait to see what you make!

Fabrics used in this pattern are:
RINGTOSS Collection, by Emily Taylor for FIGO Fabrics.
You can find it in online shops, such as



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