No Rainbow Fungus As Claimed By Many. #FauxyFridayFactCheck – The Fauxy

No Rainbow Fungus As Claimed By Many. #FauxyFridayFactCheck – The Fauxy


Amid the pandemic, there have been some serious concerns about the increase in Covid-19 cases along with a number of fungal infections. After black, white and yellow fungus, the recent case of rainbow fungus has become a cause for concern.

One of the major symptoms of the ‘Rainbow fungus is that it makes people confuse about their gender and these people then often refer themselves as pronouns. However, there’s no detailed study about this particular fungus but it does spread.

However, AIIIMS Dr Sood, said that “it can’t be called a fungal infections and it has prevailed even before this pandemic”.

WHO said that even if it’s a multi-colour fungus it can’t be called rainbow, it’s transphobic to say that. Many people on social media has posted about rainbow fungus inviting a lot of outrage and criticism.


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