Patna Crematoriums Flooded, People Forced to Burn Bodies on Roads

Patna Crematoriums Flooded, People Forced to Burn Bodies on Roads


The rising water of the river Ganga to dangerous levels has wreaked havoc in several parts of Bihar capital Patna. The villages in Diara are completely submerged, while numerous crematoriums of Patna, such as Digha Ghat, are also inundated. People arriving at Digha Ghat with their families for the last rites of loved ones are now forced to cremate the bodies near the main road, built right next to the JP Setu. Gulbi Ghat has also been badly affected by the floods.

In such circumstances, the only support left to turn to is the electric crematorium built at Bans Ghat in Patna. The one at Gulbi Ghat had suffered a short circuit due to rainwater following which all the gates were shut. Built by the Municipality, anybody could cremate bodies at Gulbi Ghat for just Rs 300. However, all roads leading to it are closed for now.

The ever-increasing water levels have caused a lot of destruction in various parts of Diara. Places such as Bengali Tola and Rai Hasanpur are in complete disarray. A lot of families have undergone displacement and are being forced to wait things out in shelter camps or at relatives’ homes. The situation is grim and it doesn’t look like normalcy will return anytime soon.

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