PM discusses Covid fightback with doctors across the country

PM discusses Covid fightback with doctors across the country


Oxygen audit, following standard operating procedures while dealing with home-isolated patients, effectively using telemedicine in rural areas, training final year MBBS students to deal with Covid patients are some of the suggestions Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave to doctors during a virtual interaction on Monday.

During the discussion, the Prime Minister said the decision to vaccinate frontline warriors, including doctors and members of the medical fraternity, has paid rich dividends and saved previous lives. About 90% health professionals have been administered at lease one dose of the Covid vaccine.

“The Prime Minister urged doctors to include oxygen audit in their daily efforts. Noting that a large number of patients are undergoing treatment in ‘home isolation’, he requested the doctors to ensure that the home-based care of every patient is SOP driven. He said that telemedicine has played a big role for patients in home isolation, and this service needs to be expanded in rural areas as well. He lauded the doctors who are forming teams and providing telemedicine service in villages,” government said in a statement after the meeting.

Modi also appealed to doctors across the states to form teams and train final year MBBS students and interns, and work towards ensuring that all tehsils and districts of the country have telemedicine service.

He also discussed the challenge of Mucormycosis or black fungus and said doctors may need to put in extra effort towards taking active steps and spreading awareness about it. He further underscored the importance of psychological care, along with the importance of physical care. He said that continuously fighting this long battle against the virus must be mentally challenging for the medical fraternity, but the power of faith of citizens stands with them in this fight.

The need to train ASHA and Anganwadi workers and better supply of oxygen also came up during the discussion.


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