Proportion of youths, children infected in both waves same

Proportion of youths, children infected in both waves same


The proportion of youth and children infected in the first and second waves of Covid-19 in the country were almost the same, the health ministry said on Tuesday, rejecting the notion that more youngsters were infected this year as “false”.

“On one level it was portrayed that more youth and children got infected in the second wave as compared to first wave. This is false,” said Lav Aggarwal, joint secretary, health. “The same proportion of infection has been reported in these two age groups.”

During the fierce second wave from March 15 till May end, 8.57% of infections were reported in children in 11-20 year age group and 3.05% in 1-10 year age group, he said. In the first wave, similar proportions of 8.03% and 3.28% were reported, respectively.

According to the health ministry’s statistics, 22.49% of infections in the second wave were in 21-30 year age group. This was similar to 21.21% in the first wave. In the 31-40 year age group, about 22.7% infections were reported in the second wave against 21.23% in the first wave.

“Let us not get scared and panic,” Aggarwal said, referring to comments by certain experts that a possible third wave could affect children more. “If adults go out and contract infection, children may be susceptible to infection, but as explained earlier they are not at risk of severe disease,” he said.

The government emphasised on the need to exercise caution and follow Covid-appropriate behaviour as more states have started unlock proceedings.

On May 4, there were 531 districts across the country reporting more than 100 new cases in 24 hours. The number has now come down to 165 districts.


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