PUBG Mobile mentioned in Battlegrounds’ Google Play Store URL, here’s why | Technology News

PUBG Mobile mentioned in Battlegrounds’ Google Play Store URL, here’s why | Technology News


Battlegrounds Mobile India’s registration link has dropped a hint that the game is nothing but PUBG’s Indian version. The developer Krafton has mentioned PUBG Mobile in the URL, knowingly or unknowingly. The link somewhat officially hints that Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of its popular game PUBG Mobile. 

If you remember, pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India started on May 18 on the Google Play Store. Here’s the URL of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s pre-registration link

You can clearly see PUBG Mobile written at the end of the URL. Many gamers are now wondering why the South Korean developer of the game is using PUBG Mobile in the link, instead of Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

The development was reported by IGN India, which pointed out that the com.pubg.imobile” slug actually stands for the app package. Since more users search for PUBG rather than Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton maybe is using the URL to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of the page.

However, the mention of PUBG Mobile in the URL may land the publishers in hot waters, as at least two Indian politicians have already urged the government to ban the yet-to-be-launched Battleground Mobile game in India. 

Moreover, we all know that the Indian government banned PUBG last year on national security and user privacy concerns. One of the reasons behind the ban could be that PUBG was reportedly storing data in servers out of the country. 

However, the user data of Indians is still available and accessible, despite the ban on the game, which could irk the government.


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