‘Quickly, Quackley!’ – Deadly Platforming to Make it to a Job Interview

‘Quickly, Quackley!’ – Deadly Platforming to Make it to a Job Interview


Even ducks need to find viable jobs in the world of Quickly, Quackley!. Trouble is, you’re late for your interview. Better get moving.

Our duck hero is actually VERY late. Not the kind of late where you can make it if you pick up the pace a bit. You need to help the duck complete each area in thirteen seconds. Thirteen seconds to get through spike traps, across pits, and through all kinds of dangerous things. This means you really need to hurry in every one of the game’s forty-eight stages if you’re going to make it to those interviews on time. You just might die a fair amount of times on the way, though.

To get things moving along this ZX Spectrum-inspired land, you can jump, do a quick dash, or do a high-speed stomp that’ll send you hurtling to the ground. You can also wall jump to help yourself get more height. All handy moves, especially since all of the traps and hazards in the game move quite quickly. You won’t be sticking around for long, though, so you’re just going to have to make do with all of these fast, lethal objects flying at you. It’s a competitive job market (kinda literally, I guess?), and you’re only going to be able to make that bread if you really push yourself to be on-time.

Quickly, Quackley! is a devilish platformer that pushes you to move as fast as you can, all while you work through the ridiculous troubles of this job-seeking duck. But hopefully you’ll help them get a good source of duck employment. I just wish I had any idea what a good duck job might be.

Quickly Quackley

Quickly, Quackley! is available now on Steam.


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