Rajasthan police drag an interfaith couple out of Ajmer’s collector’s office

Rajasthan police drag an interfaith couple out of Ajmer’s collector’s office


A Rajasthan based interfaith couple had reportedly gone to the collectorate in Ajmer on June 23, to seek protection after they married each other in an Arya Samaj Mandir on June 20. In a dramatic turn of events, the parents of the girl, who belonged to the Muslim community, along with Makrana police officials reached the collectorate in Ajmer and forcefully separated the couple and took the girl away.

The incident came to the fore after the girl reportedly went missing on June 18. The parents claimed that their daughter was a minor, and the Dalit Hindu boy, who worked as a sweeper in Kishangarh municipality in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district, had lured her into marriage.

The girl, a resident of Makrana town in Nagaur district in Rajasthan, on the other hand, claimed that she was an adult and that she had married of her own volition. She claimed that her family members are against her marriage and are trying to threaten her husband’s family with violence. She feared that her family members, infuriated by the interfaith marriage, would kill her and her husband.

In what transpired, the couple had taken refuge inside the collectorate in Ajmer on June 23 (Wednesday), fearing a threat to their lives. The girl’s parents came to know about her whereabouts. They reached the collectorate along with Makrana police officials and started creating a ruckus inside the district office. The police and the girl’s family claimed that they had documents that prove that the girl was a minor. They accused the youth of luring the minor girl into marriage.

Rajasthan police dragged the interfaith couple out of the collector’s office and arrested them

The girl, on the other hand, claimed that she was no more a minor and had married the Dalit youth of her own free will.

The argument between the girl and her parents culminated in a full-fledged fight. The girl’s family members, with the help of Makrana police officials, started pulling the girl towards them, while the girl continued to give them a tough fight. She screamed and rebelled and raised objection to go with her parents. The Makrana police, however, managed to overpower the couple. They pulled and dragged them out of the collectorate and arrested them, while the officials inside the collector’s office in Ajmer continued watching the drama.

According to reports, the Muslim girl, after being separated from her husband, was produced before the child welfare committee, which sent her to the Savitri Bai Phule girls hostel in Nagaur. The Dalit youth was arrested and taken on remand for a day.

The child welfare committee will be hearing the case on June 28.


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