‘Scoot Kaboom’ Offers a Full Game of Platforming Hazards on One Screen

‘Scoot Kaboom’ Offers a Full Game of Platforming Hazards on One Screen


Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom will have you hopping over hazards and grabbing coins, all while the whole game is laid out before you.

There’s something about seeing every single danger you’ll face throughout a game all at once that makes things feel a bit more intimidating, even if you’re leaping around as some goofy animal characters. Every saw blade, crushing trap, and projectile all flying around in this massive stage, like some sort of colossal machine whose sole purpose is to kill you. It puts a lot of weight on your shoulders, even if you zoom away from it all and try not to think about it much. It’s also neat to look at it all in motion, even if every tiny section of it is designed for your doom.

Scoot Kaboom

When you’re done feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, you can start working your way through the hellish maze. You can unlock several different characters if you manage to explore largely intact, giving you all kinds of animals to accidentally squash or impale on your journey. Mods and different game types give you several ways to play through the maze, too, so there’s always a few new ways you can tackle this hand-crafted series of death traps.

Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom (I’m determined to type ‘temple’ here) offers some fun platforming, but the ability to see the entirety of its challenges all at once makes it both intimidating and appealing to look at. It’s fun to watch the whole thing in motion, even if staring into it just reminds you how much danger lies in those halls.

Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom is available now on Steam.


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