‘She was ugly’: When Virat Kohli confessed to running away from blind date – WATCH | Cricket News

‘She was ugly’: When Virat Kohli confessed to running away from blind date – WATCH | Cricket News


Team India skipper Virat Kohli might be married to one of the gorgeous actresses of the time, Anushka Sharma but he was always not so lucky. As a matter of fact, the star batsman was definitely not so polite as well.

A throwback video of Kohli during his early days has unearthed on the internet getting interviewed by MTV VJ Anusha Dandekar at a private party. He is seen admitting to running away from a blind date because the woman was UGLY.

Virat does not mince words in calling his date ugly which made him run away from the site in just five minutes. The video is full of shocking statements made by the younger Kohli.

In the viral video, Anusha throws a series of quick questions at the chubby baby-faced Delhi cricketer with Kohli answering them in style. The rapid-fire format demanded Kohli answer questions ranging from quickest meal to quickest shower time to quickest date he has been on among others.

However, the most shocking moments of the session come when Kohli starts talking about going on a blind date but quickly ran away from the venue because of how “ugly” his date was.

“Actually, I went on a blind date which ended in about five minutes because I saw the girl and I ran away. She was ugly.” *looks at the camera* “I am sorry but she was ugly,” said the younger version of Team India skipper.

The video also highlights Virat Kohli’s admiration for a Bollywood actress, and it is not Anushka Sharma. On being asked by Anusha, which Bollywood actress would he like to see playing cricket, Kohli replied cheekily – Genelia D’Souza! He claimed her to be cute. The cricketer has in fact done TV commercials with bubbly star Genelia, who is married to actor Riteish Deshmukh.


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