Shehla Rashid trolled by Islamists for condemning homophobic hashtag

Shehla Rashid trolled by Islamists for condemning homophobic hashtag


Former JNU student leader Shehla Rashid was trolled by Islamists on Monday after she condemned the ‘Why So Proud’ hashtag trended by Islamic fundamentalists to spread hate against the LGBT community during ‘Pride month’. Unfortunately for her, she was trolled as well for voicing her disagreement.

Shehla Rashid said, “I’m a Muslim, and I condemn the #WhySoProud hashtag. We must try to perfect our own Imaan, and leave judgement to Allah. We don’t have to play God, and judge others. No one should be victimized for their identity, choices and beliefs. I stand against homophobia and Islamophobia.”

Shehla Rashid on ‘Why So Proud’

She added, “Muslim public faces should dissociate from this campaign, as it could even be an attempt to paint us as intolerant. Or, it could genuinely be driven by religious beliefs. Either way, we should dissociate from it, as it’s not our business to judge people. Live and let live.”

The comments by Shehla Rashid came after Islamist trended ‘Why So Proud’ on the platform to register their opposition to LGBT rights. Islamists argued that if homosexuality is considered ‘haram’ in Islam, then it is for a reason.

Others compared it to an evil ordained by ‘Shaitan’ (Satan).

After Rashid opposed the hashtag, she too was trolled by Islamists. Some called it a ‘side effect’ of studying in JNU.

Rashid was also called a ‘snake’ and an ‘Islamophobe bigot’ for condemning the hashtag.

Then there were those who called her a ‘cretinous lady’.

Others said that the Quran has already refuted her arguments 1400 years ago and told her to repent before Allah.

One person justified the death penalty for homosexuality. He said that executing homosexuals may seem ‘unfair’ but it is sanctioned by Shariah law.

Islamists had trended the same hashtag last year as well, deeming homosexuality to be ‘haram’. They had argued that since Muslims have to answer to Allah, they need to understand that homosexuality is Haram in Islam.


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