Special Delivery – Letters of Note

Special Delivery – Letters of Note


This week, six gorgeous new “mini” Letters of Note books were welcomed into the world, each containing approximately 30 letters on one of six themes: Fathers, Space, Sex, Dogs, Grief, and New York. These little beauties join the first half dozen that were born last year—Mothers, Art, War, Love, Cats, and Music—and make me an even prouder parent of this growing series. To list all of the letter writers would take too long for a person of my typing (in)ability, but included in these new books are such people as Barack Obama, Gertrude Stein, Groucho Marx, Frida Kahlo, Nick Cave, Anaïs Nin, E. B. White, Kahlil Gibran, J. D. Salinger, Neil Armstrong, Audre Lorde, and many, many others.

To see photos of the books and details of stockists, visit Books of Note, and make sure you sign up for the Letters of Note newsletter where I’ll be regularly sharing some of the amazing correspondence from these new titles. And there are talent-packed audiobooks, too. Visit Audible to find out more.


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