Stray Hair – The Generous Wife

Stray Hair – The Generous Wife


The other morning I was internally grousing a bit about my husband. I don’t even remember what it was about (obviously it was terribly important). 😉

Because I’ve been spending time praying for my marriage each morning, it wasn’t too hard for God to grab my attention and start showing me all the ways my husband has blessed me, made room for me to grow, and made room for me to do things I love.

There was an incubator (for quail eggs, a soon-project I wanted to try), a bag of Zentangle art bits (Paul even tried to get me up to Maryland to take a course, but we had travel issues), a silly bunny cookie jar (he makes room for my bunnies and my silly), and more. I just started taking inventory of what I could see as I sat on the couch. Most of the items spoke love from Paul to me.

My point in all this ramble is that it’s easy to grouse about the person you live with (they are quite handy when you are having a bad hair moment), but if you will take the time to calm a bit, there is understanding to be had and much to appreciate them for.

cat with messy fur

Don’t let a stray hair cause fussiness in your heart. You, your sweetie, and your marriage are worth a little consideration and care.

Look for the good in every person and every situation. You’ll almost always find it. Brian Tracy

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