Study shows inflammation in brain caused by Covid-19

Study shows inflammation in brain caused by Covid-19


A team of researchers from the Freiburg University Medical Center and the Cluster of Excellence CIBSS has shown that a severe inflammatory response can develop in the central nervous system of Covid-19 patients involving different immune cells around the vascular system and in the brain tissue. The team, led by Professors Dr Marco Prinz and Dr Bertram Bengsch, has published its results in Immunity.

“Even though there was already evidence of central nervous system involvement in Covid-19, the extent of inflammation in the brain surprised us,” lead author Henrike Salié is quoted as saying on the Freiburg University website. And lead author Dr Marius Schwabenland is quoted as saying: “In particular the many microglial nodules we detected cannot usually be found in the healthy brain.”

Using a novel measurement method, they determined different cell types as well as virus-infected cells and their spatial interaction in previously unseen detail.

“Even compared to other inflammatory brain diseases, the inflammatory responses triggered by Covid-19 are unique and indicate a severe disturbance of the brain’s immune response,” Dr Prinz is quoted as saying.

Source: Freiburg University


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