Team Saath, troll account of actor Sushant Singh, suspended by Twitter

Team Saath, troll account of actor Sushant Singh, suspended by Twitter


On Friday (June 11), Twitter India suspended the troll account of actor Sushant Singh named ‘Team Saath Official’ for violating rules against abuse and harassment, besides threatening to hack/reveal another individual’s personal information.

In a tweet, Tractor2Twitter informed, “Twitter account of @TeamSaath has been suspended. Team Saath was instrumental in getting accounts of abusers, trollers, hate-mongers suspended. We stand firmly with Team and Sushant Singh. #AntiFarmer Modi.” It must be mentioned that Tractor2Twitter is the social media propaganda arm of farmer protestors.

Screengrab of the tweet via Tractor2 Twitter

The development was confirmed by Team RPD, which was instrumental in the suspension of the vicious account. With over 31.5K followers, Team Saath was found guilty of violating Twitter rules against threats to hack/expose another’s personal information. It was also found involved in violating rules against abuse and harassment of individuals on the micro-blogging site.

Team Saath run by Sushant campaigned to get nationalist voices silenced

The troll account, which was involved in mass reporting accounts of nationalist handles, was operated by actor Sushant Singh.

Profile of actor Sushant Singh

The account had earlier tried unsuccessfully to de-platform popular Twitter user named Saffron Sniper. In a tweet, Team Saath Official wrote, “A compulsive abuser, a regular harasser and a persistent stalker has been suspended.” However, when the Twitter account of Saffron Sniper was restored, the troll account was quick to delete the tweet.

Screengrab of the tweet

Team Saath Official was the go-to Twitter account for left-liberals and rabid Islamists to silence nationalist voices in the country. The troll account, which would viciously attack other Twitter users in an attempt to embolden its narrative, became the subject of Twitter India’s wrath. Infamous for getting Twitter handles suspended, Team Saath ran into the same trap.

Screengrab of the tweet by former RJ and Islamist Sayema

Sushant Singh and his penchant for fake news

Its founder Sushant Singh has been caught out several times while peddling fake news on the micro-blogging site. He had earlier shared a picture of a deceased elderly man and passed it off as that of a farmer protestor. He had claimed that the ‘farmer’ died at the Haryana-Delhi border during the farmer protests.

Interestingly, it was an old picture of a man, which was first shared on the Facebook page ‘Gareeb jatt’ in September 2018 i.e. 2 years before the farmer protests began. He was also caught sharing fake news pertaining to the release of suspended police cop Davinder Singh, who was arrested last year for his alleged ties with the terrorists.


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