The AC Was On Fan Mode – The Fauxy

The AC Was On Fan Mode – The Fauxy


Social media users are sharing an image of Rakesh Tikait, spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), where he can be seen sleeping in a tent room with AC installed in it. 

However, we found that that the image doesn’t tell the full story and image is used falsely to claim that farmers protesting are living a lavish life that many can’t even dream of.

We at Fauxy did fact check of the claim and found the claim false. Below are the findings that clearly tells that although AC was installed but it was on Fan mode.

  1. AC remote is kept near his feet that clearly tells he wasn’t controlling AC temperature which in turn tells that AC was on fan mode.
  2. AC isn’t properly fitted to cool the room, means that the AC was just on fan mode
  3. Bulb is not turned ON that means load was low and at such low load AC can’t run on cooling mode
  4. No blanket means that Rakesh Tikait wasn’t ready for low temperature which can be a case only when AC is on fan mode and not cooling mode.
  5. Rakesh Tikait is looking calm which means he wasn’t sleeping but meditating about his next plan, meditation is always advised to be done in room temperature and not in a very cool atmosphere.

The Fauxy has successfully debunked the claim. If you wish to read more such honest journalism, follow The Fauxy.


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