The Evolution Of SEO Domain Authority In 2021


Domain authority is right now getting an upgrade. Up until now, the most important facet to look at was the backlink profile. This is not longer the case as Google is taking many more factors into account to determine the authority of a website and its pages.
The Google Quality Rater Guidelines now focus a lot on E-A-T, which will dictate how we do SEO work in 2021 and beyond. While the truth is that E-A-T was a huge part of Google guidelines for years now, it simply cannot be neglected anymore.
Let’s dig deeper and understand what will change, based on information provided by:
So What Is E-A-T?
E-A-T means “Expertise, Authority, and Trust”. These are practically the three main factors that Google now utilizes in order to measure trust. Basically, the search engine decides if you can be trustworthy or not.
At the end of the day, the goal of Google is to offer customers (in this case search engine users) a very good experience. The desire is always to promote trusted websites.
The businesses and the domains that have the highest expertise, authority, and trust are the ones that are the highest in search engine rankings. This in return leads to increased sales for the business.
The good news is that all websites can now improve E-A-T.
E-A-T As A Ranking Signal
Google now officially cites E-A-T as being a ranking signal. This means that you have to be very careful with how you handle your online operations. For instance, hiring random freelancers for content writing can lead to some serious problems. Your content would be created by someone that is not an expert. And Google does not want to see this happen.
The reputation of a website is in large part based on real user experience. At the same time, the opinion of industry experts is taken into account. Websites so often represent real organizations and companies. As a result, reputation research is connected to the company, organization, and the site.
To better understand this, let’s think about medical content. Google actually states that it should be written by a legit healthcare professional. Something like this is very hard to fake and does offer real quality for users in a domain of activity that is very important for humanity.
Businesses that want the content to rank from now on need to make sure that the writer really knows what he/she is talking about. This is particularly important in niches like health or law.
Keep in mind that Google now uses several off-site signals in order to realize what your E-A-T is. The identity of the author is actually recorded and then analyzed on other websites. As an example, let’s say a lawyer writes an article about a specific law. When Google sees the same author listed on a government website that discusses lawyers, the authority of the author is obviously high and this relates to the authority of the article written on the initial website.
If you want to grow and rank well in search engines, you absolutely have to take E-A-T into account.

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