There Can Be More – The Generous Wife

There Can Be More – The Generous Wife


Paul and I have a good marriage. Most days I would even say we have a great marriage.

However, there’s always the temptation to sit in the “good” and not go for the “great.” It takes more effort and thought. You risk shaking up the good in the process. I mean good is good. What’s wrong with that?

Having tasted the “great,” I have to say that “great” blesses more, heals more, and feels so much more satisfying than “good.”

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I’m not saying that “good” is somehow wrong (there are days when “good” is a miracle), it’s just that “great” is worth the effort.

Appreciate the “good.” Thank God for the “good,” but ask Him to help you continue to grow and change for the better. Learn to communicate clearly. Be intentional with your kindness and generosity. Make the effort to improve your marriage skills.

There can be more. Much more.

Good is the enemy of great. James C Collins

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