Three women accused of forcefully converting Dalit girl to Islam, video of her reading namaz sent to father: Report

Three women accused of forcefully converting Dalit girl to Islam, video of her reading namaz sent to father: Report


The family of a Dalit girl from Greater Noida’s Jewar Basti has lodged a complaint against three women and a man for allegedly kidnapping and forcefully converting their daughter to Islam, reports Live Hindustan.  

The father of the girl in his complaint stated that his daughter used to work as a tailor in a private company with three women from the Muslim community as co-workers who used to pressurize her to convert to Islam. 

The girl’s family had indulged in a brawl with the women asking them to not pressurize the girl. The father however alleged that in an attempt to seek revenge, the three women along with a young man kidnapped his daughter. He additionally informed that the jewelry and Rs 70,000 cash kept for his daughter’s wedding are also missing. 

Video of the girl reading namaz sent to father 

The man who is accused of kidnapping the girl sent a video of her reading namaz (Islamic prayer) with two other women from an unknown location to the father. The man has allegedly threatened the father to forget his daughter and said that he is ready to compensate him with 40-50 thousand rupees. 

Umesh Bahadur Singh, Inspector in charge of the case confirmed that an official complaint of kidnapping has been lodged in the police station and an investigation into the matter has been launched.

Minor Dalit girl kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam

Early this month, a case of kidnapping and forcible conversion of a 15-year-old minor in Jamui district of Bihar surfaced in the media. 

In his complaint, the father of the girl informed that on May 30, Pappu Khan, the son of Mohammad Mushtaq, a resident of Dinnagar, had kidnapped and forcibly converted his daughter to Islam after she went missing on May 23. 

Pappu Khan also threatened to kill the entire family of the girl if she complained to the police station. The victim’s father alleged that Pappu along with his accomplice Mohammad Mokim also looted jewelry and cash from his house.

The family of the girl had filed a complaint at the Chandradeep police station. As per a Times of India report, the girl has reunited with the family, however, Pappu Khan is evading arrest.


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